Transpheres and D-Change are the best tools survivors have for fighting back in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, so here's everything you need to know about getting and using them.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Transpheres Guide

Transpheres and D-Change are the best tools survivors have for fighting back in Dragon Ball: The Breakers, so here's everything you need to know about getting and using them.

Dragon Ball: The Breakers puts you into the shoes of a perfectly normal human, trying to survive the onslaught of one of the series’ iconic villains. Your options for fighting back are obviously limited, but your most effective tool is something called Transpheres.

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This feature essentially lets you harness the power of Z Warriors like Goku, Vegeta, and Android 18. Transpheres can be absolutely vital for both survival and turning the tides on a villain, so here’s everything you need to know about them.  

How to Get More Transpheres

When you first start Dragon Ball: The Breakers, you’ll automatically have three Transpheres equipped: one for Goku, Piccolo, and Krillin each. You can have three equipped at any time, and essentially, there are three different tiers that correspond to your D-Change Level (Dragon Change Level) during a match. We’ll explain how D-Change works in a bit, but on your equipment menu, you can see an equipment slot for all three levels. 

The only way of unlocking additional Transpheres is by using the game’s gacha system. In the lobby, go to the right side of the area and interact with the “Spirit Siphon” machine. Here you can use four different kinds of currencies to draw for Transpheres: Zeni, TP, Spirit Siphon Tickets, and Season Siphon Tickets. 

  • Zeni is the most common currency earned through leveling up by playing matches.
  • TP is a currency purchased through microtransactions.
  • Season Siphon Tickets are awarded by raising your Dragon Tier level and completing daily and weekly challenges.
  • Spirit Siphon Tickets are awarded from special in-game events.

Although the cost depends on which currency you use, all currencies will give you the same rewards and odds

The thing to keep in mind with Transphere draws is that not each draw will have everything you need for a full Transphere. For example, each “character” Transphere has multiple costumes, Super Attacks, and skills. However, when you draw a Transphere, it might only come with a costume and skill, meaning you’ll need to draw that character again to unlock a Super Attack. 

Once you’ve drawn new Tranpheres, press the options (menu) button to open your menu, then pick “Battle Settings.” Here you can select all three slots and set the Transphere you want, then separately select the form, costume, and super attack you want. 

How to Use Transpheres During Matches

As for actually using Transpheres in a match, you’ll need to raise your D-Change level by collecting Power Cubes or Power S items. These items randomly spawn in locations around the map, and can primarily be found by opening chests or destroying items with your gun. You’ll need to interact with a Power item in order to pick it up and add the charge to your D-Change gauge. 

Your D-Change gauge will start at zero, and once the gauge is full, you’ll be at the first tier, letting you use the Change Level 1 Transphere you have equipped. Level 2 will let you use your second, and Level 3 will let you use your third. 

To use your Transphere, you simply need to press R1 or RB when you have a charge, but be careful about when and how you use it. Usually, it’s a good idea to charge the gauge as much as you can and hold onto it until near the end of the match. This is because the final step for the survivors to win is to summon the True Time Machine, but the Breaker can destroy it while it’s being summoned. In order to achieve victory, the survivors will need to use items and transformation to defend the time machine. 

With extra knowledge on Transpheres and D-Change, you should have an easier time holding your own in Dragon Ball: The Breakers. Make sure to check out our guide on how to play for friends, and stay tuned for more tips and tricks. 

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