Confused on how character positions work in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle? Then, check out my guide for a full explanation!

Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle guide: positioning in combat

Confused on how character positions work in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle? Then, check out my guide for a full explanation!
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Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle has a complex battle and team system. Every character has a type, skills, stats, and can link with other characters. Positioning in combat is very important if you want to keep two characters together on a turn or defend against an attack.

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This concept is a little hard to understand at first, but once you get the hang of it, it becomes pretty simple. I hope to make how positioning and rotation in combat works, easy to understand. If you’d like to see my ranking of the best characters in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle, please visit my Best Characters guide.

This guide will go over positioning your characters in battle including:

  • Rotation in Battle – Explanation of how characters rotate so you can understand positioning better.
  • Positioning in Battle – How to position characters so that you keep characters together, or get the ones you want on certain turns.

Rotation in Battle

Your team in Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle consists of 6 of your own characters and 1 friend or guest character to make 7. Each turn you use 3 characters since these don’t divide evenly, you will not always have the same characters next to each other when they come up.

When you enter a board, your characters’ position will be random, but they will stay that way if you don’t change their positions. The first turn starts at the top right of the dial and uses those 3 characters. Each turn will choose the next 3 characters going clockwise.

dragon ball z dokkan battle rotation

So without changing anything the rotation goes like this:

  • Turn 1 – Characters 1, 2, 3
  • Turn 2 – 4, 5, 6
  • Turn 3 – 7, 1, and 2
  • … and so on going in numerical order.

You can change this order by changing the position of your characters before you attack.

Positioning in Battle

Before I begin I’ll give you a simple rule to remember if you have a hard time getting all this down:

The characters in the first 2 slots (from left to right) come back every 2 turns and the 3rd character comes back every 3 turns.

So, if you want to keep two characters together, or just want a character to come back in 2 turns, put them in the first two positions.

To change a character’s position, simply drag their icon either left or right. If you change the position of a character in the 3rd slot, they will come back sooner and the character that goes into the 3rd slot will come back later.

Let’s say you want to keep characters 2 and 3 together. On the first turn, make sure they are in the first 2 slots and make sure character 1 is in the 3rd slot. Now the rotation will be: Turn 1 – 2,3,1. Turn 2 – 4,5,6. Turn 3 – 7,2,3. Turn 4 – 1,4,5. Notice how 2 and 3 stayed together? When they come around again, just do the same thing and keep them in the first 2 slots. If you do this, instead of the next turn being 6,7,2, it will be 6,2,3.

The rotation just goes in order and will never change, you decide what that order is, though. Keep in mind, changing one group affects everyone. 

Getting ready for a boss

It is important to note that your rotation does not reset after a battle. The next battle will pick up on the next turn. For example: If you ended the battle on 1,2,3, without any changes, the next battle starts at 4,5,6.

You can use this to your advantage when getting ready to fight a boss. If you need to reposition your characters and get to a certain turn, try fighting normal enemies on the board until you get where you want.

dragon ball z dokkan battle board

I hope I have made this easier to understand Dragon Ball Z Dokkan Battle. I know it sounds complicated, but just test what I have explained here and you’ll see it is actually pretty simple. If you have any questions, please let me know!

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