Dragon Quest VIII: Changes to the 3DS Version Which Weren’t on the PS2

Want to know what's different in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII? I got you covered!

Want to know what's different in the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII? I got you covered!

Dragon Quest VIII releases soon in NA on the 3DS and people are probably wondering what’s different. The graphics do look a little worse than on PS2, but they are still good. The graphics and playing on a mobile console aren’t the only changes. I’m going to list all the changes and additions made to the 3DS version that was not in the original PS2 version.

Dragon Quest VIII Changes and Additions

  • No more random encounters. Enemies are seen on the field.
  • You can speed up battle animations.
  • Balanced some spells and attributes.
  • Bonus storylines and cutscenes.
  • New alternate ending.
  • New monsters for scouting.
  • New costumes for everyone.
  • 2 new dungeons available after beating the game.
  • Blue chests that respawn over time were added to the world map.
  • 2 new playable characters added: Red and Morrie.

dragon quest 8 red

  • HP and MP is now restored when you level up.
  • You get more skill points early in the game.
  • New High Speed combat mode was added.
  • Automatically get dungeon maps now. Old chests with maps now give gold.
  • Added a new SS rank for Monster Arena.
  • Added a new Photography Mode and Photography quests.
  • Alchemy is instant and more recipes were added.
  • New weapons and items.
  • New mini medals and rewards were added.

That’s all for the changes and additions to the 3DS version of Dragon Quest VIII. There could be some smaller changes, so let me know if there is something missing from the list!

Dragon Quest VIII makes it’s way to the 3DS on January 20 2017.

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