Dragon’s Crown Pro: Guide to Crushing the Enemy

Looking to be the best head-smasher you can be in the new Dragon's Crown Pro? Our guide has some insights that'll keep your armor polished and your sword sharp.

Looking to be the best head-smasher you can be in the new Dragon's Crown Pro? Our guide has some insights that'll keep your armor polished and your sword sharp.

Originally released in 2013, Dragon’s Crown has officially been released for the PS4 in a shiny remaster called Dragon’s Crown Pro. This sexy and thrilling new adventure has got everyone at GameSkinny dusting off our gear and readying our thumbs for some classic hack & slash action, and this guide will help make sure you’re the king of the mountain while everyone else is eating dust (and the occasional piece of wall chicken).

Leveling Up (and Doing It Fast!)

At first, leveling up seems to go at about the same rate as the adventures you find yourself on. As you progress, however, it becomes clear that in order to survive, you’re going to need to do a little grinding here and there. 

So what are the best ways to level as fast as possible?

First and foremost: your difficulty level. Your final score at the end of every level has a direct influence on how much experience you get. Always make sure to play at the highest difficulty that you’re comfortable with. Don’t get too ambitious, though. After all, if you can’t beat the level, you don’t get any points at all!

Next, don’t forget to visit your local clergy! That’s more than just good advice on a Sunday: Your temple has a prayer that will net you bonuses on your final score, which is only going to help you beef up that much faster.

Finally, don’t ignore the background! If you’re paying attention as you cruise through the levels, you’ll notice different sparkly bits. Use your touch screen to float over and select that sparkle, and BOOM! Loot galore! Well, sometimes. The key is to never ignore the opportunity to get more loot. Loot = score = a bigger, more powerful you.

Using Runes

This one might seem a little obvious to some of you, but with such a vague introduction to rune magic, it’s pretty easy to go through the game ignoring runes if you don’t pay attention to how they’re used. 

In the backgrounds of many of the rooms you visit on your adventures, you’ll be able to see runes carved into the rock, walls, or various items. There are usually two, and if you’re unsure if you’re looking at the right thing, put your cursor over the questionable rune. If you’ve got a rune, it should glow.

The key to using runes is buying up what runes you can from the wizard Lucain in town and experimenting with the different runes you find in your level’s environments. You don’t even necessarily need to get the runes in the right order to set off their abilities! So pay attention, and don’t be afraid to sit and work out the runes like a puzzle. The right combo can net you treasure, weapons, and even unlock different places in the level!

Choosing Your Character

There are a variety of different characters to choose from in Dragon’s Crown Pro, and making the right decision for your style of play is going to make a huge difference in your experience.

If you’re a straightforward button-masher, consider starting with the Fighter, Dwarf, or the Amazon. These are solid, tough characters that can take and dish out a lot of damage while you learn the ropes with the combat.

If you’re looking to work your way into a little more strategic fighting, consider the Elf as a starting point. She’s fast, she’s got really unique abilities, and she offers up some great missile attacks without completely sacrificing her melee combat.

It’s only when you’re totally comfortable with the game’s style that you should use the Wizard or the Sorceress. While both have some awe-inspiring powers, they’re true glass cannons if they’re misused. This goes double if you’re planning on soloing your way through the game.

While these are all some solid pieces of advice for newcomers to Dragon’s Crown Pro, they’re far from the only tips out there! What counsel would you offer a new player? What character are you leveling up this week? Let us know in the comments!

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