Dragon’s Prophet Guide: The Benefits of Buying More Space in Your Stable

Buy some space for your dragons in Dragon's Prophet!

Dragon’s Prophet, the new F2P MMORPG from RuneWalker Entertainment and Sony Online Entertainment, went into open beta last week and is now available for download. Since it’s free, it is a given that players are encouraged to spend their money on some of the many features of the game that require micro-transactions. While some of these features seem to be blatant money grabs (50 station cash for a resurrect… really SOE?), some have pretty cool benefits. 

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One of the most beneficial things I have spent money on in Dragon’s Prophet is more space in my dragon stable (the place where you spend in-game currency to train dragons).

This training space is essential for your dragons because it ranks up their attack abilities, intelligence, and skills.

You can even have them collect different resources for all of your item crafting needs.  The game offers two slots to start out with, which is fine for new players, but having only two slots available to train dragons is not enough once you get past level 15 and start capturing more rare and beautiful species. 

The more dragons you capture, the more room you need, especially since training happens in real-time.  You want to train that new blue and green flying dragon to have better attacks available? That will take 12 hours. How about making that Green Raptor Dragon be able to collect iron for armor? That will be another 6 hours. This is where I appreciate the relatively low cost for unlocking more stable space. At only 125 station cash each, the equivalent of about $1.25, the value of the space is worth more than what they are charging.  Being able to train 3 to 8 dragons simultaneously will provide a huge boost to both fighting ability and resource gathering which will let you and your dragon become a force of draconian proportions! (Did ya see what I did there?)

With a vast amount of different dragons available to tame and the advantages they provide the player, it is essential to have more than two spaces in your stable. So be sure to download Dragon’s Prophet at www.dragonsprophetthegame.com and buy some space for your dragon collection. You’ll be glad you did and I will see you on Auratia!

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