Here's what you need to know about Dredge engines and whether you can have multiple motors on your ship at once.

Dredge: Can I Install More Than One Motor? Answered

Here's what you need to know about Dredge engines and whether you can have multiple motors on your ship at once.

There are multiple Engine options available in Dredge, and you may be wondering if you can install more than one motor. A fast travel speed is necessary when you’re running from sea monsters in the dark, and it can also help you get around faster to catch certain fish

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Can You Install More Than One Motor on Your Boat in Dredge? Answered

The simple answer to the question of whether multiple motors can be installed at the same time is, yes: you can attach multiple engines at a time.

When you begin, your ship has four Engine spots, with only two being taken up by your starting Engine. You can install another motor in those remaining two spaces.

How to Unlock More Engines

As the game progresses, you’ll unlock more Engine spaces through the Dry Dock. Being able to install multiple motors is useful for fully capitalizing on the various motor shapes and sizes.

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Do Engine Speeds Stack? Answered

Yes, engine speeds stack. Dredge makes this fairly straightforward. As you equip more engines, the speed increases to the combined total speed. As seen in the screenshot above, the Arterial Heart, starting engine, and Refined Outboard Engine are all installed. 

Having multiple drivers is not only useful for the speed bonus. If you receive damage to your hull, one of the engines could be rendered useless. If you only have one, you’re a sitting duck in the open waters. With multiple motors, you’re still able to make it back to a dock with repair capabilities. 

You can install multiple motors and the speeds stack in Dredge. If you’re finding your ship horribly slow, take a look at installing another variant or upgrading one of your slower ones. For more help, check out our Dredge guides page.

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