Dredge: How to Get the Alternate Ending

This is how to trigger the good ending in Dredge

This is how to trigger the good ending in Dredge

Dredge is a narrative-driven fishing game laced with increasingly unnerving psychological horror elements as you push through its story. Many consider the default ending to be the “bad ending”, but it’s not the only one you can get. Here’s how to get the alternate ending in Dredge, which is considered the “good” ending.

How to get the Alternate Ending

The alternate ending takes a bit of work to achieve. Both the good and bad endings can trigger within the same game, as it saves before the ending and does not overwrite that save afterward.

Loading up a save and then changing your last actions can result in the alternate ending triggering. There are a couple things you’ll need to do before you reach the end of the game, however. 

Visit the Lighthouse Keeper

While it hasn’t been confirmed that this is a requirement, visiting the Lighthouse Keeper in Greater Marrow does reveal quite a bit of the story. She has unique conversations when you visit her between chapters. She has to tell you that you can still make things right in order for the good ending to trigger.

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Devil’s Spine

Once you start Chapter 5 and the Collector tasks you with heading to Devil’s Spine, you should make a pit stop. There is a small island at coordinates P10 where you will meet the Old Mayor, who insists he knows you.

After rambling some nonsense, the Old Mayor will send you back to the Lighthouse Keeper. Once you go back to the Lighthouse Keeper you should head to Blackstone Isle and confront the Collector. 

As long as these two things are complete before the end of Chapter 5, you will be able to trigger the good ending. To get the ending, you want to talk to the Lighthouse Keeper before you collect the last relic instead of the Collector. She will instruct you on how to do a ritual behind Greater Marrow. The good ending will begin when this ritual is performed. 

That is what you need to do to get the alternate ending in Dredge. For more help, from how to fish or where to find a Relic, check out our growing Dredge guide hub

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