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Dredge: How to Unlock Photo Mode

You'll need to complete a quest to unlock Photo Mode in Dredge.

You’ll need to unlock Photo Mode to start taking pictures in Dredge. Though it was added in the game’s second update, you won’t be able to start taking snapshots of crocodiles, sea monsters, or sunsets until you complete a new quest.

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How to Unlock Photo Mode in Dredge

To unlock Photo Mode in Dredge, you’ll need to find the Expedition Site and the Photographer. The site can be found in the Marrows at a new location near K4. Dock and speak with the Photographer to find out she’s lost her camera lenses.

Asking you to retrieve them, she points you toward a waterway snaking tightly between two islands. I accidentally found the lenses first as I boated around the area, so you don’t have to speak with her first. But if you’ve not located them yet, here’s where to look.

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How to Find the Photography Equipment Lenses in Dredge

To find the camera lenses, head toward I5 and the two islands right under the M in Marrows on the map. Look for glistening debris on the shore to find the Photography Equipment. The item takes up four spots in a square in your inventory, so make sure you have space for it before heading out. Return to the Photographer and hand over the Photography Equipment to get her spare Camera in exchange.

How to Unlock Photo Mode with the Camera

Once you have the Camera from the Photographer, you automatically unlock Photo Mode.

How to Use Photo Mode

To use Photo Mode, open your radial menu with the E button, and select the Camera. RMB activates the camera in your current location, with the controls appearing on the right side of the screen. Use the F button to take the photo, which saves to the same location as your screenshots.

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The ability to take photos isn’t the only thing added in Dredge’s second update. New creatures have been added, as well. Before you leave the Photographer, ask about a variety of animals that live within the islands. Birds, reptiles, large fish, and mammals (whales) now call the waters and islands of Dredge home, making the perfect targets for the new Photo Mode. The Photographer will tell you where to find them.

That’s how to unlock Photo Mode in Dredge. In addition to the eight new creatures in the game, 10 new Aberrations were also added. What better way to document them than using your Camera to take a stunning photo? If you’re looking for other help in Dredge, such as finding the different Relics or how to get explosives, check out our guides haul.

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