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Duck Detective: The Secret Salami — All Deducktion Answers

Find the solution to every Deducktion in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami.

Duck Detective: The Secret Salami is one of at least two duck-focused games of 2024. This mystery adventure game is set around the disappearance of a lunch box full of salami. But this mystery goes much deeper than it seems (although it still revolves around ducks and salami). The only way to unravel this mess of misdeeds and interpersonal relationships is to correctly answer all the Deducktion. Lucky for you, we’re here to help.

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All Deducktion Mysteries in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami, Solved

Here, you will find the solution to all 13 Deducktion in Duck Detective. To solve a Deducktion, simply fill in the blanks on each sentence with the right words. I’ve highlighted in bold the words needed to complete each sentence.

You might notice that you don’t have the correct word to solve one of those riddles. If that’s the case, make sure to talk to everyone and inspect every interactable object. You’ll soon find your missing word. If you’re missing a non-essential word, you can still move on.

One last word of warning: beware of spoilers! Some of those Deducktion will reveal the identity of the Salami Bandit and more. Make sure you only read what you need to move on in your investigation!

The Nest Egg

The Duck Detective spent his/her last money on Bread for The Duck Detective.

The Entrance

Sophie is feeling Sad because Nobody has Remembered her Birthday.

The Suspects

Sophie the giraffe works as a Receptionist. The bear is Manfred and he is the Branch Manager. Laura, the car, works in Customer Service. The crocodile called Freddy works in the Operating Office.

The Client

Laura hired the Duck Detective because his/her Launch was Stolen by a co-worker known as The Salami Bandit.

More Suspects

Margaret the sheep works in Customer Service. The penguin is Rufus and works as the Janitor. Boris the buffalo is a Bus Driver.

The Kitchen

Margaret is planning a Surprise Birthday Party for Sophie.

The Culprit

Freddy is being Framed by The Salami Bandit because Freddy picked up the Wrong Bag.

More Business

Rufus Blackmailed Manfred, to make him stay quiet about Rufus Illegally Selling Vouchers. Margaret is the one that provides the Vouchers to Rufus.

The Receptionist

Sophie got Kidnapped, because Sophie wanted to Snitch.

The Kidnapping

Sophie is at BearBus’s Office, In a Bus.

The Salami Bandit

Manfred is the Salami Bandit, because The Salami Bandit’s and his/her Handwriting are Identical.

The Infatuation

Sophie is the Salami Bandit’s Accomplice, because he/she used to date Boris and the Salami Bandit needed someone who could convince Boris into Helping.

The Dirty Work

Boris is the Salami Bandit’s Accomplice, because the Salami Bandit needed someone who could easily carry out the Importing of the Salamis.

Those are the answers to every Deducktion in Duck Detective: The Secret Salami. If you’re struggling to solve another one of the game’s riddles, make sure to check our Duck Detective: The Secret Salami guide hub.

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