Dungeons & Dragons: Dark Alliance — Which Class to Choose

What's your playstyle? This guide will help you choose which character to play in D&D: Dark Alliance.

What's your playstyle? This guide will help you choose which character to play in D&D: Dark Alliance.
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All four of D&D Dark Alliance classes have their strengths and weaknesses, but some are objectively more effective than others and of course every player has their preferences in archetypes and playstyles. 

Each of the four characters in Dungeons and Dragons: Dark Alliance fits within a typical RPG archetype pigeonhole. If you know what you generally like in action RPGs, you may won’t have all that tough of a time deciding which class you want to go with your first time around.

However, considering the third person point of view and how the combat system works, you may need a little guidance in choosing a Dark Alliance class that suits your playstyle.

Bruenor Battlehammer

  • Class: Fighter
  • Role: Tank


This sturdy dwarf is a true tank carrying a huge shield and large axe, thanks to his naturally high strength stat.

His best ability is Anvil of Clangeddin, which allows him to drop an anvil that both defends him from enemies and deals damage to them.

Bruenor’s main utility skills are Taunt that lures enemies and reduces damage dealt by them, and Whirlwind that makes him spin dealing damage to all enemies within the reach of his axe.

The latter one is similar to his Rising Axe move, while another fantastic move is Frostwave Grind that summons an unblockable ice vortex.


Although Bruenor is a very physically strong character, his movement speed is rather slow and he will need support of other characters to be fully effective.

You should also invest some points in his Intelligence stat, making his cooldown tick by faster.

Feats and Builds

Bruenor is a typical tank with a lot of damage potential, so for the main solo damage build it is advisable to focus on his Hammer feat tree with the following main feats:

  • Dungeon Delver
  • Battle Master
  • Inspiring Leader

For co-op gameplay, it would be best to use a pure tank build that can consume a lot of damage. In this regard his Anvil feats are where you need to invest your points in:

  • Shield Master
  • Heavy Armor Master
  • Indomitable

Both of these builds can be further improved using his Forge feats that mainly increase stamina:

  • Athletic
  • Endurance
  • Keen Mind

The following abilities are best with the two proposed builds:

  • Solo Damage: Whirlwind and Anvil of Clangeddin
  • Co-Op Tank: Taunt and Battlehammer Brew

Drizzt Do’Urden

  • Class: Ranger
  • Role: Dualist/Assassin


This drow elf is primarily a dexterity-based class with fast movement and attacks.

Drizzt’s keynote ability is Blink, which allows him to enter stealth for a time. This skill can be well used in dangerous situations that will give you time to heal and fight back, and get some extra damage in once you come out of stealth.

His two offensive abilities are Cloud of Daggers that serves as an AoE, and Faerie Fire that inflicts cursed and frightened status effects on all enemies within range, rendering them defenseless for some time.

Drizzt’s two best moves are Well of Darkness and Dark Hands that both work as powerful AoE attacks. But his ultimate move is Astral Companion, which summons a tiger that fights on your side.


While Drizzt’s attacks are really strong, he does lack in terms of self defense, which makes him weak to just a few precise hits.

His specific problem is the starting low Constitution stat that makes him generally vulnerable, but this is less of a factor as he gains levels.

Feats and Builds

Since Drizzt’s biggest plus is his naturally high Dexterity, it would be best to go for the Ranger build with the following best feats:

  • Defensive Duelist
  • Tough
  • Uncanny

In case your personal playstyle is focused on dealing a lot of damage and developing critical hits, then go for the Hunter build:

  • Dual Wielder
  • Lightning Reflexes
  • Second Wind

Finally, if you want to be able to use his stamina to the max and develop his resilience during fights in both of Hunter and Ranger focused builds, then go primarily for the following Expertise feats:

  • Athletic
  • Endurance
  • Keen Mind

The following abilities are best with the two proposed builds:

  • Solo Damage (Hunter): Cloud of Daggers and Battle Trance
  • Co-Op Support (Ranger): Blink and Faerie Fire


  • Class: Fighter
  • Role: Archer/Sniper


Just like Drizzt, this character is also Dexterity-based. Cattie-Brie’s weapon of choice is a bow for long-range assaults.

Her best ability is Heartseeker Volley that sends a volley of arrows at the unsuspecting monsters dealing damage in an AoE fashion. Everyone affected by these arrows gets the slowed status effect.

Cattie-Brie’s other two abilities are focused on healing allies in the form of Healing Spirit and reviving them using the Resurrection skill.

Her two best moves are Piercing Shot and Lobbed Arrow that deal damage to mutliple enemies with a single arrow shot. If you manage to execute her ultimate move Arcane Arrows, then the piercing effect will apply to all your shots.

If you want to be able to not only kill enemies effectively but also heal yourself and others, then Cattie-Brie would be a great choice.


Since Cattie-Brie is first and foremost a ranged character, she can be penalized for trying to use her bow in a close combat situation. In this case she loses quite some damage.

This means that you need to constantly keep her at a certain distance to enemies, which does require developing a certain type of playstyle.

Feats and Builds

By going with her natural inclination towards ranged attacks, it would be wise to develop her ranged damage as much as possible. In such a case the Archer build will allow you to both increase her piercing shots and mitigate some of the close combat damage loss:

  • Martial Adept
  • Piercing Arrow
  • Horde Breaker

For playing in co-op mode, Cattie-Brie can be a great support character in her Cunning role:

  • Healer
  • Endurance
  • Keen Mind

If you feel that she lacks defensive abilities, unlock some of her Longstrider feats that will help her gain more resilience using:

  • Tough
  • Light Armor Master
  • Mobile

The following abilities are best with the two proposed builds:

  • Solo Damage (Archer): Heartseeker Volley and Ensnaring Strike
  • Co-Op Support (Cunning): Healing Spirit and Resurrection


  • Class: Barbarian
  • Role: Assault/Shock Troop


Wulfgar is another Strength-based character, but his defenses are not as good as those of Bruenor. His attacks, on the other hand, are quite powerful.

His best ability is Shockwave, which is an AoE attack that sends all enemies into a state of slowed status effect.

Wulfgar’s Primal Instinct ability allows him to gain damage and armor bonus depending on the missing hit points. The Endurance of the Elk is a nice support skill that provides him and his allies with powerful strikes.

Wulfgar’s Rage Spin move is similar to Bruenor’s Rising Axe, and his ultimate Spin of Fury attack also deals a similar type of damage with his rotating hammer.


Wulfgar has little to no protection and defensive mechanisms, which makes him struggle with the survival aspect.

This means that you need to find really strong armor and distribute most of your stat points to Strength and Constitution.

Feats and Builds

If you’re maining Wulfgar in solo mode, then focus on the damage feat tree, such as the Wolf:

  • Great Weapon Master
  • Brutal Strikes
  • Fury of Tempus

In co-op Wulfgar can be a serious debuffer if you focus for his Elk tree:

  • Hardy
  • Medium Master Armor
  • Blessing of Tempus

As usual, you can improve both of these builds with some stamina and cooldown reduction:

  • Endurance
  • Keen Mind
  • Pack Rat

The following abilities are best with the two proposed builds:

  • Solo Damage: Hammer Throw and Shockwave
  • Co-Op Debuffer: Primal Instinct and Endurance of the Elk

Hopefully, our guide help you make the decision which class to choose in D&D Dark Alliance. Check out our other Dark Alliance guides here on GameSkinny.

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