Wondering if you should side with Julian or Marco in the Cheers sidequest? Here's what you need to know to choose wisely.

Dying Light 2 Cheers Side Quest: Side With Julian or Marco?

Wondering if you should side with Julian or Marco in the Cheers sidequest? Here's what you need to know to choose wisely.

Cheers is one of the first two side quests you get in Dying Light 2. Along with Spark of Interest, it introduces you to the game’s open world, and it acts as a way to kill time while waiting for Hakon to call you in The Only Way Out. But it also acts as one of the first decisions you’ll make that affect the people of Villedor. So, do you side with Julian or Marco?

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This quick Dying Light 2 guide will tell you how to get through the Cheers sidequest and who you should side with, including what you’ll get in return and what the outcomes are. It should go without saying there are spoilers ahead.

Should You Side With Julian or Marco?

To start this quest, speak with Julian in the Bazaar during The Only Way Out main quest. Julian is in the nook between the bartender and the Craftmaster. Select the quest and follow the marker to Hans first.

When you arrive at the location, pick the lock and follow the path left to another door. Go through it, and a cutscene will play. Now follow the new marker to Hans. Once you get within about 50 meters of the marker, it will disappear (it did this to me on two playthroughs).

Continue straight and pass over the square onto the next row of buildings. Climb up to the roof and look left. You’ll see a tower. Go up there to find Hans. 

After speaking with Hans, follow the marker to Marco. As you approach the building with the marker, enter through the second story. If you enter from the north side, go through the window and into the brown door immediately to your right. If you enter from the south side, go through the room with red paint cans, take a right past the ladder, then an immediate left. Go under the three boards in the doorway and open the door on the left. 

Now descend the shaft. Just before the bottom of the shaft, you’ll notice a gap at the bottom of the wall in front of you. Go through that and find Marco on the left side of the room. After speaking with Marco, go down one floor and kill all of the zombies. Investigate the door to move the body propping it open. 

Here, you’ll choose to either side with Marco or side with Julian.

If you side with Marco, the Cheers sidequest (oddly) completes on the spot, and you doom Julian to death. Oh, and you get some flour and 250 Old-World money. You can return to the Bazaar and speak with Julian and other NPCs to see what happens if you want, but it’s not necessary.

If you side with Julian and decide to tell the truth, Marco will attack you. This can be a fairly difficult boss fight this early in the game, especially if you’re not prepared, and you don’t get any weapons or gear for defeating him — just more flour. But you can take solace in doing the right thing and not sending Julian to his death. Go back to the Bazaar to finish the quest. 

And that’s all you need to know about completing the Cheers sidequest and whether you should side with Julian or Marco in Dying Light 2. For more guides, including how to get the bow and crossbow or how to get the grappling hook, consider heading over to our DL2 tips repository.

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