Wondering how to complete The Matchmaker side quest, meet all Sparker love interests, and get the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement in Dying Light 2? Here's what to do.

Dying Light 2 Sparker Love Interests: How to Complete The Matchmaker & Get Man on a Mission

Wondering how to complete The Matchmaker side quest, meet all Sparker love interests, and get the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement in Dying Light 2? Here's what to do.

The Matchmaker side quest in Dying Light 2 will introduce you to all of your Sparker love interests for the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement. But unlike some other DL2 side quests, this one has some very specific requirements that must be followed before it can be completed. In fact, there may even be a point of no return for it, though it may also be a bug that will get squashed in future updates. 

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Either way, this Dying Light 2 guide will tell you the steps to take in order to complete The Matchmaker, meet all of your Sparker love interests, and nab the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement.

Before we get too much further into this guide, there’s one important caveat to point out. The third section of this quest requires you to meet your first Sparker love interest and then complete the campaign quest Welcome on Board, which becomes available in the Central Loop after the Observatory campaign quest.

You must first complete Welcome on Board to speak to your second Sparker love interest. However, it’s possible that this part of the event chain is bugged or becomes locked if you mess up the sequence of events/requirements.

On my initial playthrough, I completed Welcome on Board and beat Dying Light 2 well before I began Sparker (yes, you can return to the open world for clean up after the epilogue). I was able to complete the first two sections of the Sparker side quest post-game, but the third section never appeared for me no matter what I tried.

To avoid any hiccups or getting locked out of the side quest, be sure to follow these steps exactly to get the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement

How to Meet All Sparker Love Interests in Dying Light 2

The Matchmaker side quest will appear around the time you reach Let’s Waltz! in the campaign (at least that’s when I first noticed it, so check around then). It can be found about 90 meters east of The Holy Trinity Metro Station (Bazaar) at a Survivor Bakery. 

You’ll meet an NPC named Raheem just outside of the Bakery. Speak to him to start the side quest, which asks you to find two fake Sparker cards in Old Villedor. The first card is in a Dark Hollow near the Bakery; the second card is at Jack and Joe’s Bandit Camp.

Dark Hollow Sparker Card (Trinity)

The Dark Hollow is in an apartment building roughly 80-85 meters south of Raheem and the Bakery. Be aware of the Howler just outside of the Dark Hollow when you arrive.

Enter the Dark Hollow, and go into the elevator on the left. Climb up through the hatch. Turn around, and climb up the small ledge to the next floor. Crouch under the boards barring the door on the left.

When you enter the next room, be aware of the Spitter above and to the right. Sometimes there may also be a Howler in this room (one appeared in my first playthrough but was gone in my second). 

The Sparker card is on the broken set of drawers to the left, between the two doors and under the bloody, broken mirror. 

Jack and Joe’s Bandit Hideout Sparker Card (Horseshoe)

Now, go to Jack and Joe’s Bandit Camp in northern Horseshoe. Go to the area where you lowered the bandit flag when taking the camp during The Raid.

Go into the bottom floor of the building via the central doorway, and turn left. Go into the next room, and turn slightly right to see a round table. The Sparker card is on the table. Use your Survivor Sense to find it if you need to.

If the territory is claimed by the Survivors, the door is to the right of a bonfire. If the territory is claimed by the PKs, it’s to the right of a shipping container being used as a jail. 

Now, return to Raheem. Here, you’ll get the Aiden’s Dating Card memento collectible, and the quest will “end.” However, there are still more steps to be done for the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement. 

Meet Your First Sparker Love Interest: Juliet

Now, go to the nearest Windmill or Safe Zone, and rest. When you wake, open your map. You’ll notice a new side quest called “as_sparker_2” at the same location as the original Matchmaker quest. Go back to the Bakery, and interact with Juliet, who will be in roughly the same spot as Raheem was initially. Exhaust all of the dialog options.

Complete Welcome Aboard

Now, continue through the campaign questline, and complete the Welcome on Board story mission. Again, this mission becomes available after Observatory in the Central Loop.

Meet Your Second Sparker Love Interest: Vinnie

Once you complete Welcome on Board, return to the same area in Trinity as before. The quest marker may not show up until you’re very close to the location (this was the case for me). If it doesn’t pop up, sleep at a Safe Zone, and return. Eventually, you’ll see a marker for “as_sparker_3.”

Speak with Vinnie, exhaust all dialog options, and then go to sleep again. It’s possible that this portion of the questline could be bugged for you, as well. There’s a chance that you’ll get the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement after sleeping or while doing other activities following this section. 

This happened to me, and it’s happened to other players as noted elsewhere. If it does for you, awesome! You’ve saved a few steps. If not, complete the Sentimental Value side quest in west/southwestern Horseshoe.

Sentimental Value: Meet with Maya

According to the developers, you’ll speak with Maya during Sentimental Value; she’s described as “a little girl that doesn’t look for [a] date but for a bodyguard.” Once you’ve completed this mission to retrieve a music box, you’ll have met all of your Sparker Interests and get the Man On a Mission trophy/achievement. 

And that’s how you complete The Matchmaker sidequest, meet every Sparker love interest, and get the Man on a Mission trophy or achievement. Honestly, it’s beyond creepy that Maya’s Sentimental Value sidequest falls under this quest chain (I wouldn’t have included it and would have gone a completely different direction), but now you know the steps to complete it. For more tips and walkthroughs, head over to our Dying Light 2 guides hub.

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