Dying Light 2: Where to Find All Electrical Substations

Wondering where all of the Electrical Substations are in Dying Light 2? Here are their locations.

Wondering where all of the Electrical Substations are in Dying Light 2? Here are their locations.

Electrical Substations in Dying Light 2 are important structures called Facilities. They’re found in four territories across both Old Villedor and the Central Loop. You’ll want to find and activate them all for a few reasons, one of which being the Municipal Services trophy/achievement, which asks you to assign all facilities in DL2.

To do that, you’ll also need to find and activate the three water towers, as well, but we’ve covered that in this guide. 

Outside of netting you a trophy PlayStation or achievement on PC and Xbox, finding the locations of all of the Electrical Substations has other benefits. Electrical Substations provide power to Metro Stations so you don’t have to manually restart their generators. They provide power to boroughs, lighting up certain areas at night. And they influence City Alignment, which determines the traversal or combat structures are available across the map. 

Here are all of the Electrical Substation locations in Dying Light 2.

Dying Light 2: All Electrical Substation Locations

Old Villedor Electrical Substations

  • Houndfield: This Electrical Substation can be found in the far southern portion of the area, bordered by a large chemical field to the north and west, about 250 meters west of Main Terminal.
    • This is one of the harder Electrical Substations to activate because of the chemicals. Bring lots of UV Shrooms or Immunity Boosters.

Central Loop Electrical Substations

  • Downtown: This Electrical Substation can be found in the far northwestern portion of the area. You’ll come here during A Place to Call Home and activate it. 
  • Garrison: Find this one about 115 meters south of the VNC Tower.
  • Saint Paul Island: This one is located in the northeastern portion of the area, about 250 meters from the Saint Paul Cathedral. It’s just southeast of the islands in the north. 

How to Activate Electrical Substations

To activate Electrical Substations, you must restart several generators found throughout the building. Some Stations require you to start two generators, while some require you to start upwards of four. The ultimate goal is to connect green terminals with red terminals.

Each terminal has a number, letter, or combination of numbers and letters signifying which corresponding terminals they can link to. Numbers designate generators, while letters designate gates.

The cables you pick up at a green terminal have a specific length, and you must decide the best path by which to lead them to the corresponding red terminal; the length of a cable can be seen in a yellow font in the bottom right of the screen.

Cables can get caught up on stairwells and corners in Electrical Substations, so the best pathway may not always be the most obvious. They can be carried through and under water without hurting you, so keep that in mind.

Once all of the generators have been powered, an elevator with an objective marker will arrive on the ground floor to take you up to the control room. Flip the switch here to activate and then assign the Electrical Station to your faction of choice.

And those are all of the Electrical Substation locations in Dying Light 2, including how to activate them. Inhibitors containers can be found in and around these locations, and the Garrison location has a collectible tape in the control room. For more tips and other location guides, head over to our dedicated guides page.

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