Wondering where all of the GRE Quarantines are in Dying Light 2? We've collected their locations here so you can nab their valuables and inhibitors.

Dying Light 2: Where to Find All GRE Quarantines & Locations

Wondering where all of the GRE Quarantines are in Dying Light 2? We've collected their locations here so you can nab their valuables and inhibitors.
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GRE Quarantines are sort of like “dungeons” in Dying Light 2. They’re multi-level areas full of Infected, and they contain plenty of useful loot. Finding and sifting through all of these locations across Villedor and the Central Loop will reward you with Inhibitors, crafting materials, valuables, and a few easy-to-nab Crystals, some of the rarest kind. 

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GRE Quarantine locations are accessible at any time, but you should only venture into them at night. During the day, they’re very difficult (almost impossible) to explore because of the number of Infected and Volatiles inside. At night, these numbers dwindle. 

You begin these areas on the top floor and venture down. As you explore and make your way deeper, be sure to open up the side doors and shaft doors to make escape routes between floors if Infected overwhelm you or day approaches. Daytime levels of Infected will automatically start to spawn when the sun rises, even if you begin GRE Quarantines at night. 

Try to use stealth as much as possible in these locations to not get swarmed. Also, be aware that some locations have Goons and harder-to-defeat enemies than simple Biters. 

Each location has 4 Inhibitors in it. There is one Inhibitor on the first floor, one on the second floor, and two on the third floor. You only have to find three GRE containers, though; the first two are in singular GRE containers each, and two are in the last container.

These containers are locked behind GRE “airlock” doors. Often, there are two or three of these doors into a single Inhibitor room but always look for the blue wire attached to one of the doors. That indicates the door you must lockpick. GRE Quarantine locations are also worth returning to because like other Inhibitor chests around Villedor, these can be farmed over and over for gear, Military Medkits, and Immunity Boosters, making these easy, consistent sources of these supplies when in need.

Lastly, there are also Tape collectibles in each of these GRE Quarantine areas, always on the desks across from the first Inhibitor container. 

All GRE Quarantine Locations in Dying Light 2

Old Villedor GRE Quarantine Locations

There are two GRE Quarantine locations in Old Villedor: one in Horseshoe and one in Houndfield.

  • Horseshoe — THV Genomics Center (Rank 1)This GRE Quarantine can be found in south/southeastern Horseshoe. It’s about 300 meters east/southeast of the Bazaar and 105 meters east/northeast of the Horseshoe Water Tower.
  • Houndfield — Center for Stage IV THV Study (Rank 4): This location can be found in east/central Houndfield, on the border with Trinity. It is roughly 180 meters southeast of the Hayward Square Metro Station and 300 meters west (barely southwest) of the Bazaar.

Central Loop GRE Quarantine Locations

There are four GRE Quarantine locations in the Central Loop: one in Downtown, one in The Wharf, one on Saint Paul Island, and one in Lower Dam Ayre.

  • Downtown — GRE Vaccine Lab (Rank 2): This GRE Quarantine one is barely east of the Downtown Court Metro Station; it’s just across the street and can be seen as soon as you exit the Metro area via the escalators on the eastern side.
  • The Wharf — GRE Experimental Research (Rank 3): This GRE Quarantine location can be found in the southern portion of The Wharf, almost on the border with New Dawn Park. It’s about 125 meters northwest of the Fish Eye and west of the Metropolitan Art Gallery found in Muddy Grounds.
  • Saint Paul Island — THV-GenMod Development Center (Rank 4): This one is located in northern Saint Paul Island. It’s roughly 268 meters north of the Cathedral Metro. You can find it just west of the Saint Paul electrical Substation.
  • Lower Dam Ayre —THV Advanced Care (Rank 5): This GRE Quarantine location can be found in western Lower Dam Ayre. It’s about 70 meters north (barely northwest) of the South Loop Metro Station.

And those are all of the GRE Quarantine locations in Dying Light 2. For more tips, locations guides, and walkthroughs, consider heading over to our stash of DL2 guides to stay human.

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