Dying Light 2: Where to Find All Water Towers

Here are all of the Water Tower locations in Dying Light 2 so you can take them over and change city alignment.

Finding all of the Water Towers in Dying Light 2 is required if you're going after the Municipal Services trophy or achievement, which asks you to assign all Facilities in the game. This includes Electrical Substations, too, but we cover where they are in this guide. 

Unlike the hundreds of collectibles in Dying Light 2, there are only three Water Towers to find across Old Villedor and the Central Loop. One is even unmissable, coming as part of a campaign quest. Once you complete that quest, you'll also get the Under Pressure trophy or achievement for activating your first Water Tower. 

Aside from adding to your trophy case or Gamerscore, finding these locations will let you assign territories to either the PKs or the Survivors, affecting City Alignment. PKs install combat-focused structures across Villedor, such as car traps, Molotov lanterns, and UV traps. Survivors install parkour-focused structures, such as ziplines, air vents, and airbags.

Dying Light 2: All Water Tower Locations

Old Villedor

  • Horseshoe Water Tower: It's essentially impossible to miss this Facility since it's central to the Water Tower main campaign quest. This is where you first learn how to activate these for City Alignment. If you can't find it, it's 270 meters southeast of the Bazaar. 

Central Loop

  • Wharf Water Tower: Strangely, this Water Tower isn't found in the Wharf. Instead, you can find it in northeast Muddy Grounds. It's 246 meters south/southeast of the PK Floating Fortress, and it's 451 meters east/northeast of the Fish Eye.

  • Saint Paul Water Tower: Neither is this one on Saint Paul Island. Instead, it can be found in southern Lower Dam Ayre, 262 meters east/southeast of the South Loop Metro Station, across the river. For another frame of reference, it's 321 meters south/southwest of Saint Paul Cathedral.

To activate Water Towers, you'll need to clear the area of enemies, and then climb to the room at the very top to turn a valve. Make sure to clear the area each time before you start your ascent, though, or you'll have to climb down and do so; the valves won't turn otherwise. 

And that's that for the Water Tower locations in Dying Light 2. Keep an eye out in these locations for collectibles next to each valve. You'll Mementos and Tapes. For more locations guides and tips articles, head over here to our stash of help articles.

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Published Feb. 3rd 2022

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