Dysmantle: How to Get Lumber

Wondering how to get lumber in Dysmantle? Here are a few different ways.

Wondering how to get lumber in Dysmantle? Here are a few different ways.

Lumber is one of the most useful crafting components in Dysmantle, though, for new players, it isn’t entirely obvious how to get lumber for regular use. It’s also needed for some quests and repairs. If you’ve found yourself stuck and scratching your head, we have some tips for you.

In this Dysmantle guide, we’ll go over how to get wood and then how to make it into lumber so you can start crafting more items.

How to Get Lumber in Dysmantle

As you might expect, you must first collect wood to make lumber. After attaining this wood, you will be able to refine it using a sawmill to get lumber, receiving one piece of lumber for every five pieces of wood. There are a few different ways to collect wood. If you’ve been playing a lot, there’s a good chance you’ve already accumulated a fair amount.

How to Get Wood in Dysmantle

The most common and most efficient method is dismantling. Virtually any wooden object in the game, whether that be fences, trees, wooden shields, or anything else can be dismantled and grant you wood. Explore the available world and dismantle everything in sight to bag a decent stash.

There are three sawmills around the world:

  • Two can be found in Central at 729º, 491º and 576º, 458º
  • One can be found in Hibernus at 1042º, 237º

Regardless of which of the three you opt to go for, you will require a gas mask to enter the region, so make sure you have one before setting out to refine your wood.

How to Get Fuel in Dysmantle

Once you’ve got wood and a sawmill, you can throw your wood into it, along with some fuel. For fuel, the machine takes plant matter, which you can obtain from harvesting virtually any plant in Dysmantle.

Each piece of plant matter will get you five seconds’ worth of refining, and you need 40 seconds to refine a piece of lumber. Thus, eight plant matter is needed per piece of lumber you refine.

Other Ways to Get Lumber in Dysmantle

There are a few other ways to get lumber as well. Dismantling a train flatbed will earn you six lumber. Dismantling a train caboose or train wagon will get you eight, or dismantling a windmill will get you ten. It can also be found as loot in all of the following places:

  • One at 134º, 452º
  • One at 578º, 183º
  • Two at 400º, 596º
  • Four at 595º, 120º
  • Two in buried treasure at 394º, 296º
  • Four in buried treasure at 463º, 422º
  • 20 in buried treasure at 656º, 591º
  • Two in a timed crate at 183º, 418º

Lumber is an incredibly useful material. Fifty are required for the quest, The Ark, while a total of 67 are needed to repair all of the broken bridges around the world. It is also a common crafting ingredient, including items such as the sledgehammer, Power Fist, Hunting Rifle, and Khopesh.

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