Dysmantle: How to Get the Gas Mask

Blocked from entering certain areas in Dysmantle because you don't have a gas mask? Here's what to do.

If you're reading this, then you've likely found yourself in a region of Dysmantle where the gas mask is required to enter, but don't know where to find it. The game does not give any sort of hint as to how to find the gas mask, and this has caused quite a myriad of issues amongst players. In this guide, we'll break down exactly where to go to find the elusive gas mask.

Where to Get the Gas Mask in Dysmantle

The gas mask in Dysmantle can be found in the extreme south of the map in Serpent's Crossing, in a chest inside the Volcano Mouth Temple, near Beachhead Station.

This is also where the miniboss, the Tomb Guard Champion can be found, and he will stand between you and the gas mask.

Enter the Volcano Mouth Temple from the east side, at 1220°, 825°, then head to the maze entrance at 1225°, 829°. This area is very claustrophobic, meaning you have very little space for combat. Be careful with the enemies in here and take it slow.

After closing the doors behind you by stepping on the pressure plate, you'll want to take the first right. Follow the dark gray tiles to a lever and pull it.

Navigate back and take the left path instead, and you'll arrive at two doors. Enter the one on the left and pull the lever, then head through the other door to advance.

Pull the lever that you pass, and continue until you reach a staircase that leads up to a door. Pull the lever next to this one as well, opening the door to the Tomb Guard Champion. Head inside to take him on.

This guy can make some pretty devastating blows, but you have a higher top speed than he does. This means that you can let him chase you in a circle around the area, while you occasionally turn around to make ranged attacks when you're a safe distance away.

Explosives work wonders against him, and just a few direct hits can take him down.

Once he's dead, you can exit the area through the southwest door and continue along the path. Pull the lever to open the door next to you, then head through and follow the stone path that leads you out of the temple.

Along the way, you'll pass an almost unmissable audio log, right next to a blue chest. Inside the blue chest, you can find — you guessed it — the gas mask.

With your newfound PPE, you can venture out into the previously unexplorable areas and continue on your Dysmantle adventure.

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Published Jan. 11th 2022

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