Easy to Use Nioh Elemental Effects Guide

They may seem impenetrable, but you're going to need to know how to use elements. Let us help!

They may seem impenetrable, but you're going to need to know how to use elements. Let us help!

So you’ve got your shiny new copy of Nioh and have been hacking away for the last week. But something’s wrong. You keep getting your butt handed to you, and you’re pretty sure there’s a way to improve your attacks… but you’re not sure what.

The answer is elementary… literally.

Elemental effects are a huge help when it comes to taking down the enemy, but for some reason Nioh decided to make them far more difficult to understand than they should be. Elements are usually deployed via amulets, and the effects applied to your weapons. But as pretty as they are, they can be a little hard to fathom.

As such, we’ve decided to break them down in the hope that it’ll help some poor soul floundering in an otherwise magnificent game.


Using the Fire element will deal damage to enemies over time — simple!


The Wind element prevents your enemy from blocking or parrying, and also reduces their break resistance. Perfect for pounding away at those damage sponge bosses.


Lightning weakens some opponents, slowing down both their movement and attack speed.


The Water element increases the effect that other elements have on enemies — if you hit them with a Water-based attack and follow up with an attack using a different element (for example, Fire), you’ll do far more damage. Consider it a preparation attack, and use it well.


An attack with the Earth element will cause enemies to double their Ki consumption. Consequently you’ll tire them out far quicker, and leave them exposed to more devastating follow-up strikes.


As it suggests, the Paralysis element will root your enemy in place, making them the perfect practice dummy to wail on.


Like Fire, the Poison element does damage over time. However, the amount of damage is much greater.

Chaining these elements together can cause serious problems for your opponents. Try combining some of the debilitating elemental statuses like Earth and Wind with more damaging attacks from Fire and Poison, and watch the results. Experiment, and enjoy!

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