If you're new to Egg or simply having trouble raking in Coins and Charms, these tips should do you well.

Egg! – Free Charms and Coins tips for new egg raisers

If you're new to Egg or simply having trouble raking in Coins and Charms, these tips should do you well.
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You need to rack up those Charms and Coins to get just about anywhere in Egg!. Your eggs need food, entertainment, and clothes to stay happy and healthy — and you can’t get those things without some money and Charms in your pocket.

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Getting Charms and Coins without spending real money is a time-intensive process. Free Charms are far and few between, and Coins mostly come from minigames, which are not easy.

Here are some tips to rake in some extra moolah early on during your time with Egg!

Swipe away any expensive whims your eggs have

It can be hard to deny your eggs the joy of its favorite foods and clothes, but if they’re trying to break the bank it’s best you deny them the things they want. You need to be conservative with your spending to start if you want to get far.

You can deny your eggs’ whims by swiping their thought bubble away. Like a parent with a spoiled child, sometimes you just have to put your foot down! Your egg’s feelings won’t be hurt, I promise. And you’ll be happy you saved those Charms and Coins you’d have to spend on food and items your eggs want.

You get 30 Charms for liking the game on Facebook.. but you can skip liking it, too

Eventually a pig is going to stop by your house and ask you to like Egg! on Facebook for some free Charms. That’s not a bad deal when you’re first starting out, since your second egg bed costs 25 Charms, but you can skip the “Like!” process entirely.

When the pig offers you the Charms to like on Facebook, say yes and when it brings up Facebook to do it, just press the back key on your phone or tablet and you’ll head right back into the game with 30 extra Charms.

Check the tree near your house for free Coins and 1 Charm per day

The tree to the right of your house next to the cash shop is a treasure trove! Well, not really. But it’ll give you some free Coins and a single Charm each day you tap it.

It’s not much, but it definitely adds up.

The tree in your yard also gives free Coins

You can get to your yard by tapping on the door inside your house, before you choose an egg to interact with.

Not free money, but close enough…

If you head into town and tape on the pond with a giant shell, you’ll get a gift! What you get is random but you can get something new every 7 hours, and sometimes the items it gives are quite valuable.

Always do this whenever you can to save yourself Coins and Charms in the long run.

Practice those minigames!

The minigames in Egg! are tough, let’s not kid ourselves. It’s hard to get high scores to give a lot of Coins, and it’s even harder to get high enough scores to get those Charms at 2 and 3 stars.

My best advice to you here is to practice at the minigame you like most, that way you’ll at least have fun while grinding away trying to finally reach the coveted 2 and 3 stars.

In my experience, Space Egg is one of the easier ones to get to 2 or 3 stars in with some practice, though Egg Jam shouldn’t take too long either if you keep at it.

Eggvolution and Eggstermind are not only difficult, but take a long time. And Fashioneggsta is especially hard to get a high score on. You will get better at these three games with time, but it will take longer than Egg Jam and Space Egg.

Watching an ad nets you 1 Charm, and they really add up

I’m not sure what the limit on watching ads is to get Charms in Egg! but you can watch a few in a row to rack up Charms. Each ad you watch gives you 1 Charm and they really add up once you get into an ad-watching frenzy. Just be aware that sometimes the game tells you there are no ads to watch, leaving you out of luck.

Give the Enchanted Castle a free trial to feel like you’re rich, at least for a bit

If you haven’t bought a new house, you can “rent” the Enchanted Castle for a short time to feel like you’re rolling in dough — the house gives you a full-stocked wardrobe as well as 100,000 Coins for the duration of the trial so you can spend to your heart’s content! Until the trial runs out.

The 100,000 Coins are only usable while you are living inside the Enchanted Castle, which doesn’t last long during the trial. But it gives you a sense for what it’s like to be one of the rich and famous in Egg!.

To start the trial, just tap on it floating in the sky behind your house. And of course, this is how you buy it when you’re ready to as well.

These are pretty simple tips, but you have to keep them in mind if you want to amass some money in Egg!. Free Charms are far and few between if you don’t play the game right and things end up costing more Coins than you might expect. Keep these tips in mind and play it right to start raising your eggs (and your wealth) the right way.

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