Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: How to Unlock Fishing

Obtaining the fishing rod in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising means lending a hand around town first.

Obtaining the fishing rod in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising means lending a hand around town first.
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Going fishing in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising takes a bit of work and gaining access to a new shop. You’ll need to advance the story a fair bit before the necessary town-building quest opens, but from there, it’s just a matter of chatting up some townsfolk and forking over money until you get your fishing rod. Here’s how it works.

How to Unlock Fishing in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

The Tool Shop sells the fishing rod, and it won’t appear until you complete the Profit Chasing town-building quest. This quest unlocks after you’ve finished the Trouble in the Quarry main quest and ventured to Second Street for the first time. 

Head down Second Street to the right, and speak with Filipe. He wants some help figuring out what kind of shop people would want him to open, which is your cue to canvas the town. Speak with Aki, Viti, and Olivier on Second Street to get their views on what the town needs. They’re easily spotted by the large blue icons with an arrow symbol above their heads.

Once that’s done, head back to Filipe. He’ll immediately build and open the Tool Shop, which, for now, sells a Level 2 pickaxe, a Level 1 trap, and a Level 1 fishing rod. 

How to Fish in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Similar to trap spots, you can only fish in certain areas. One of the earliest fishing spots is in the Great Forest, in the area past the tree boss. Head to the edge of the water, and follow the prompts to cast your line. The message says to “press the button at the right time,” but there’s actually no timing required. Just press the buttons in the order they appear, and you’ll get your fish.

That’s all you need to know about how to unlock fishing in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, but make sure to check out our other Eiyuden Chronicle Rising guides for more tips and tricks, including how to save and how to get beast meat.

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