Link Attacks are an important part of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising's combat system. Here's how they work.

Eiyuden Chronicle Rising: Link Attacks Explained

Link Attacks are an important part of Eiyuden Chronicle Rising's combat system. Here's how they work.

Link Attacks in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising are your ticket to a more powerful – and more enjoyable – battle party. They let you deal extra damage, making them perfect for tougher battles or if you just want to shake things up a bit.

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The feature unlocks fairly early during your time in New Neveah, and you can upgrade them, if you have the stamina to meet the requirements.

How to Use Link Attacks in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising

Link Attacks combine one of your active character’s moves with the attack of another party member, so naturally, you can’t use them until CJ gets some friends. They can be unlocked after you recruit Garoo the kangaroo mercenary during The Miner, The Merc, and The Smithy, which is the fifth main quest.

Using Link Attacks is a straightforward process, though the timing required does take some getting used to. You’ll need to use your active character’s attack and then, immediately after the attack lands, press the attack button for one of your party members. Successfully pulling it off deals an extra hit and swaps your active party member.

If you’re having trouble with the timing, we recommend switching to Simple Mode – the streamlined controls options – to remove the precise timing requirement completely. In Simple Mode, you only need to use several attacks in a row to trigger a Link Attack. 

When you first unlock them, you can chain two in a row. Complete the Silver Stamp Card – which you get after filling up the first card – to upgrade the attacks and increase how many times you can chain them. That entails completing dozens of side quests, though if that’s something you don’t feel like doing, you can still complete the game without upgrading at all.

Don’t rely on them exclusively, though. There’s a short-ish cooldown between uses.

That’s all you need to know about how to use Link Attacks in Eiyuden Chronicle Rising, but make sure to check out our other Eiyuden Chronicle Rising guides for more tips and tricks.

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