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Elden Ring: Best Strength Scaling Weapons Ranked

There are many Strength-scaling weapons in Elden Ring, and we've listed the ten best in this guide.

Strength weapons have historically played second fiddle to Dexterity weapons in FromSoftware’s Souls games, but Elden Ring flips that script somewhat. There are dozens of usable Strength-scaling options. Some classics return alongside more than a few new additions that, with enough investment, can dominate at almost any level of play. There are even some best-in-game Strength-focused choices. Our guide ranks the best Strength scaling weapons in Elden Ring.

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Top Strength Scaling Weapons in Elden Ring

There are dozens of Elding Ring Strength weapons, but the 10 listed here are at the top of the heap, whether you want to use them in PvE content or against other players in PvP. You’re liable to recognize some of them from previous Souls games, while others are completely new. I’m starting from the bottom and working my way to the top here, and I provide some honorable mentions near the end of this list.

10. Lordsworn Straight Sword

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Straight Swords got the short end of the effectiveness stick in Elden Ring, but the Lordsworn is the best of them, boasting solid scaling, good range, and the highest critical damage in its class. Like the Lance, it isn’t flashy, but it’s by far the lightest weapon on our list, leaving you open to filing out other stats for buffs, spells, and other advantages.

9. Giant Crusher

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If you ever wanted to say, “That’s it, I’m getting me mallet!” then the Giant Crusher is here for you. It’s slow, remarkably heavy, and requires stat investment as significant as the weapon is large. However, if you pair it with the Royal Knight’s Resolve Ash of War and use a jump or two-handed heavy attack, expect almost anything to come up against to lose thousands of health points in an instant.

8. Zweihander

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Before you ask: no, this is not just a repeat of the Greatsword found later on this list. While the Zweihander does belong to the same weapon class and uses the same moveset, it’s here for entirely different reasons. It costs far fewer stat points to use, has comparable range to its larger counterpart, and weighs almost half of what most other Colossal weapons do. I’ve included it here for those reasons alone, as well as its aesthetics (I think it looks cooler than most other options on this list, too).

7. Lance

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Like the Nightrider Glaive, the Lance is a fantastic option thanks to its range, easy-to-grasp and use moveset, and amazing damage. I admit it lacks some of the flair of the other weapons on this list, but if you need solid chase down in PvP or the ability to deal big damage to bosses for relatively low stat investment, this is the ticket. You can even wield a Lance in each hand for double the fun.

6. Jar Cannon

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I’ll admit, I’m cheating with this one. The Jar Cannon has no scaling of any kind. Its damage is flat, modified only by the ammo used and its upgrade level. However, it requires at least 24 Strength to use two-handed and is heavy enough that you’ll need some major investment in Endurance to use without heavy rolling. However, there’s no weapon in the game that provides more hilarity — or ability to pester anything from insane ranges — than this weapon.

5. Ruins Greatsword

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One of the most expensive weapons in Elden Ring — as far as stats are concerned — is the Ruins Greatsword. But it makes up for it with a powerful Ash of War, some of the highest raw damage potential in Elden Ring, and enough Strength-scaling to push its damage potential into the stratosphere. Its Ash of War sends out a giant wave of purple energy that can send enemy players flying or chunking boss health in huge portions.

4. Serpent-Hunter

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The Level 1 challenge run weapon, the Serpent-Hunter is a greatspear that boasts incredible damage, range, the greatspear moveset, and has literally no stat requirement to equip. Playing with it, I can attest that it obliterates almost any PvE challenge you might come across, and it’s no slouch in PvP, either. It’s also a “win button” for the Rykard, Lord of Blasphemy boss fight.

3. Starscourge Greatsword

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A favorite of newer players and deadly in the hands of more experienced ones, the Starscourge Greatsword is one of the few paired weapons in the game. I recommend using it two-handed (where it’s best) to wield both swords at once. Its damage is comparable to the Greatswords, and I’ve found its unique Ash of War is fantastic for clearing entire rooms of smaller enemies while dealing tons of damage to bosses.

2. Greatsword

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The classic Greatsword remains one of the best Strength weapons in the game, only outdone by the Nightrider Glaive thanks to the much heftier requirements to equip and effectively use. And despite its slow attack speed, this thing hits like a fully-loaded semi, is effective at chase down in PvP, and can easily break boss and other enemies’ Posture in PvE.

Honorable Mention 1: Meteoric Ore Blade

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Hear me out. Yes, the Meteoric Ore Blade requires Intelligence and Dexterity to use, but the scaling on both of those is overshadowed by its Strength scaling. As a result, it’s one of the only katanas worth using on a Strength build, and if you need more proof, check out any of Twitch streamer Peeve’s Pyromancer gameplay.

Honorable Mention 2: Claymore

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If Straight Swords got the short end of the stick, standard Greatswords didn’t get any stick at all. As a result, they’ve received numerous buffs over Elden Ring‘s lifetime and are still only average. The Claymore, long a top-tier choice in other Souls games, is outshone by the likes of the Dark Moon Greatsword, Sacred Relic Greatsword, and many others.

1. The Best Strength Scaling Weapon in Elden Ring: Nightrider Glaive

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The Nightrider Glaive is probably the best all-around Elding Ring Strength scaling weapon. It has incredible range, solid damage, a strong moveset, scales incredibly with Strength, and can equip almost any Ash of War in the game. It doesn’t matter if you’re playing PvE or PvP — if you use this weapon, you’re at an advantage. If you don’t, watch out.

Those are our picks for the best Strength-scaling weapons in Elden Ring. None of them are particularly flashy, though you can certainly do some wild things with them. What they are is capable of dishing out tons of damage in one or two hits and chunking the health and Posture bars of bosses while forcing other players to respect their potential. For more, including how to find Smithing Stone and Somberstone Bell Bearings, how to beat Malenia, and more in our Elden Ring guides hub.

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