Big, mean, and down at the bottom of a mine, the Stonedigger Troll will flatten you given the chance. Here's how to beat them and come out of this Elden Ring boss fight less tarnished.

Elden Ring Boss Guide: How to Beat Stonedigger Troll

Big, mean, and down at the bottom of a mine, the Stonedigger Troll will flatten you given the chance. Here's how to beat them and come out of this Elden Ring boss fight less tarnished.
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Found at the bottom of Limgrave Tunnels, the Stonedigger Troll is a bigger, badder, boss-version of the trolls you’ll find out in the world of Elden Ring. They hit hard with huge area of effect attacks, and unless you’re prepared for this boss fight, they will make Tarnished pancakes out of you. So how do you beat them?

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This Elden Ring guide seeks to answer that question by giving you tips and strategies for beating the Stonedigger Troll boss fight. Armed with the knowledge presented here, you should have a much easier time defeating them. Hopefully.

How to Beat the Stonedigger Troll in Elden Ring

The first rule of fighting any large Souls boss is to stay underneath them. You’ll need to contend with the finicky camera, of course, but the majority of the Stonedigger Troll’s attacks hit in front of them, and they have few options for dealing with you beneath or behind them.

They will turn around or otherwise move about the arena, and they’re surprisingly agile for something this size and bulk. With that in mind, you’ll need to stay on your toes. Blocking is possible, but it’s not advisable because this boss hits so hard. 

Stonedigger Troll Attack and Strategies

Here are all the Stonedigger Troll’s attacks and how to deal with them.

Stonedigger Troll Attack 1: Single Slam

The Stonedigger Troll will run toward you or move around above you and smash their club down in front of themself. The AoE on this attack is large, but not the largest in this fight, so roll toward and behind the boss to avoid it.

Stonedigger Troll Attack 2: Stomp

The Stomp is the Stonedigger Troll’s primary way of dealing with enemies underneath them. This set of three stomps will start with the foot nearest you, and then they’ll stomp the other foot, then the original foot again. You can avoid all of it by moving to the foot that isn’t stomping, then moving back when the foot you’re near begins to rise.

Stonedigger Troll Attack 3: Multi-Slam

The Stonedigger Troll will begin lumbering at you quickly, even if you’re underneath them, and start slamming the ground over and over. They’ll redirect their aim with each slam, so you’ll need to move in the direction opposite their slamming to avoid them all. Keep behind their heels, strafe against their movement, and wait for them to settle down.

Stonedigger Troll Attack 4: Megaslam

The Stonedigger Troll will stand still and raise their club high into the air for about a second, then slam it down in a massive shockwave that fills most of his arena. To avoid this attack, you can either block with a good shield or dodge just before the slam hits the ground. If you’re under-leveled, even the AoE is liable to kill you, so learning this timing is essential.

Stonedigger Troll Attack 5: Arm Sweep

The Stonedigger Troll uses this attack as you approach or as an alternative to dealing with enemies underneath him. It’s a wide sweeping motion that covers the whole 180 degrees in front of the boss and has a wider hitbox than you might expect. Roll toward and behind the troll to avoid it.

The Stonedigger Troll doesn’t have a lot of attacks, but they’re bulky and deal immense damage. Armed with the information above, hopefully, you can make quick work of this Elden Ring boss. Do so, and you’ll receive a Roar Talisman for your efforts.

Two-handing a weapon could give you an advantage against the Stonedigger Troll boss and others in Elden Ring. Our two-handing guide has more on that. The right starting class can definitely help first playthroughs as well. Check out the best of them in our starting class guide. For other tips and boss strats, head over to our Elden Ring guides hub.

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