Summon the power of the Black Knife Assassins themselves with the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Summon in Elden RIng.

Elden Ring: How to Find the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash Summon

Summon the power of the Black Knife Assassins themselves with the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Summon in Elden RIng.
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There are many good Spirit Summons in Elden Ring, and after the nerfs to the Mimic Tear summons, there’s more reason than ever to use the others that are available. One of the best is the Black Knife Tiche Legendary Spirit Ash, as it comes with fast, hard-hitting attacks, health drain, and plenty of hit points when fully upgraded.

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You’ll need Ghost Glovewort to take it to its maximum potential, which can be farmed in various catacombs and caves across the Lands Between. This guide won’t provide exact locations for those materials, but it will tell you where to pick up the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash summons to begin with. 

Where to Find the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Ash Summon in Elden Ring

The Black Knife Tiche is one of the toughest Spirit Ashes to find in Elden Ring, as it’s locked behind both Ranni’s questline and the toughest Black Knife Assassin boss fight in the game.

Progress through Ranni’s quest until you reach the Moonlight Altar area, but rather than going east to meet Ranni, go northwest to the tip of the lower peninsula. You’ll find the Ringleader’s Evergaol there.

Enter the Evergaol and approach the boss energy on the ground to summon Electo, Black Knife Ringleader, exiled there by Ranni (probably) following the Night of the Black Knives.

Alecto uses all the Black Knife Assasin attacks you’re familiar with, save one. She has two versions of the jump-into-slam attack. The standard version has a very small AoE when it lands and is easy enough to dodge.

Then there’s the new one, where she empowers her dagger Destined Death like Maliketh is able to do and uses a sphere of red slashes, also like Maliketh.

The sphere of slashes isn’t as large as the one Maliketh creates but fills an area immediately around her body. It’s a larger effect than when she lands with a standard slam and, like the Death energy beams she shoots, will cut your health bar by about 10% and deal damage-over-time for about ten seconds.

Defeating Alecto is otherwise a regular Black Knife Assassin fight, though she has several thousand more hit points than any other Assassin you’ve fought to this point in the game.

For this reason, and thanks to her increased damage output, I’d recommend being at least Level 70 for this fight. Like anything in Elden Ring, it’s possible to do it at Level 1 or with other limitations, but if it’s your first time fighting Alecto, you should be around Level 70.

Once you get the “Enemy Felled” message, you’ll receive the Black Knife Tiche Spirit Summon, which allows you to summon Alecto herself to aid you in a fight. She packs a wallop.

For practice fighting Assassins before you meet Alecto for the Black Knife Tiche Summons, head to the Black Knife Catacombs. Spells like Comet Azur or weapons like Moonveil can make the fight a little more manageable, provided you can land them. Check out our Elden Ring guides hub for more coverage across the Lands Between.

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