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Elden Ring: How to Get the Night Comet

Elden Ring has a ton of secrets to find, and here is where to find the Night Comet sorcery.

Elden Ring has so many secrets to explore, and it’s easy to go 100+ hours in it without uncovering half of what the game has to offer. The Night Comet is an obscure Night Sorcery that sends out a bolt to whatever enemy you’re locked onto, but requires 38 Intelligence to use. For those spell casters out here, here’s how to get the Night Comet in Elden Ring.

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How to Get The Night Comet In Elden Ring

The Night Comet is in quite an obscure location, but if you get it, you’ll have access to one of the most overpowered spells in Elden Ring. What makes it special is that no enemies are able to dodge the Night Comet’s homing bolt. Keep firing these off, you’ll make short work of whoever crosses your path.

The Night Comet is located in the completely optional town of Sellia. You can find this in Caelid. Once you’re there, head to the Sellia Under Stairs Site of Grace. You will be required to solve a fairly annoying puzzle to acquire the Night Comet, but it doesn’t involve any tough fights, at least.

Where to Find the Night Comet in Sellia

Start off by going to the left of the Site of Grace and use Torrent to get up on the roots. You need to light the tower on the right of us, so use Torrent to get there. You’ll need to repeat this action 2 more times to get what we’re looking for.

Luckily, you can see the towers in the distance, with reaching them being the only obstacle. In order to get to the next tower, you’ll need to stay on Torrent, head back up the stairs, and leap off to the right, jumping from building to building. Keep following the roofs to the right to get the second tower lit.

After you’ve got the second one lit, call Torrent again, hop onto the roof to the right, follow the roots to the next roof on the left, and climb and light your final tower. Ride Torrent back to the ground floor, and you’ll find the Night Comet inside a blocked-off room about 30 feet or so from the stairs to the Site of Grace on your right-hand side. Now that we’ve lifted the spell, we can get the Night Comet.

Keep in mind there are handfuls of enemies roaming this area that can make progression pretty frustrating. These come in long-range as well as invisible and melee enemies, so stay on Torrent throughout; otherwise, you’re going to have a pretty rough time here.

That’s how you get the Night Comet in Elden Ring. Night Comet will make you an absolute wrecking machine when it comes to PVE combat in Elden Ring. Although the puzzle is a little frustrating to get through, it’s well worth it. For more tips and tricks on Elden Ring, check out our guides section. 

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