Become a powerful caster with some of the best spells and incantations for the early game and beyond in this guide to magic in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring: The Best All-Around Spells and Incantations

Become a powerful caster with some of the best spells and incantations for the early game and beyond in this guide to magic in Elden Ring.

There are many kinds of magic in Elden Ring, the most numerous of which are spells and incantations. Spells are what you’d expect from other Souls games: traditional sorceries of various types and efficacies. Incantations are a mix of miracles from previous Souls games, pyromancies, and dragon magic, which is only obtainable by defeating dragons and offering their hearts to special altars in The Lands Between.

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We’ll cover the best spells and incantations we’ve found so far, as well as some general rules for what’s good in most of each category. There are many more to be had, so this Elden Ring guide will be updated as the community finds and uses new spells.

As a rule in Elden Ring, you want spells, incantations, and abilities that do damage, are easy to use, and are relatively inexpensive compared to their effectiveness. That means weapon and character buffs, healing spells, and spammable projectiles. Bear in mind that weapon buffs can’t be applied to weapons with an alternate damage type through an Ash of War.

In Elden Ring, there are plenty of options in each of the spell and incantation categories, and the best of them are below.

The Best Spells and Incantations in Elden Ring

Spell: Great Glintstone Shard

You’ll obtain the Great Glintstone Shard spell early on in your playthrough, after giving the Academy Scroll to Sorceress Sellen at Waypoint Ruins.

With the right gear and stat investment in Intelligence, Great Glintstone Shard can carry you through almost any of the early- to mid-game encounters. Its damage can’t compete with some of the later spells you acquire, but its low cost of only 16 Focus Points, fast casting time, and consistent output make it a viable choice for much longer than you’d expect. 

Spell: Glintstone Icecrag

Another early-game spell, Glintstone Icecrag is similar to Great Glintstone Shard in both damage and cost, but it adds Frostbite buildup, which adds a layer of DPS provided you can keep up the spam. Icerag is less expensive and less powerful than Great Shard but remains a good secondary option. Location forthcoming.

Spell: Carian Greatsword

Slower, stronger, and less efficient than the above spells, Carian Greatsword makes up for that in sheer stopping power. If you hit a lesser enemy with this thing, it’s getting knocked on its behind, giving you time to recover, reposition, or engage other enemies.

The spell also over-penetrates, meaning it can hit multiple targets at once. You can purchase Carian Greatsword from Miriel, Pastor of Vows at the Church of Vows to the northwest of the Raya Lucaria Academy.

Spell: Scholar’s Armament

The primary spell weapon buff is the damage applied to your weapon scales with your staff’s Sorcery Scaling and your Intelligence. Not the most expensive, but you’ll notice the DPS increase immediately. Sorceress Sellen in Waypoint Ruins sells Scholar’s Armament.

The Best Incantations in Elden Ring

Incantations: Order’s Blade and Bloodflame Blade

The two major buffs in the incantation category, Order’s Blade adds Holy damage, and Bloodflame Blade adds bleed buildup to your weapon alongside a smaller damage increase.

Bleed causes enemies to burst in an explosion of blood after enough attacks, dealing a massive amount of damage. Holy damage has no additional effects, but you can gain more than 150-200 extra attack rating with the proper kit.

Bloodflame Blade is a better incantation for a faster-swinging weapon that can generate buildup. Do so, and watch the battlefield turn red. You’ll buy Order’s Blade from D in Roundtable Hold for 3,000 Runes, and Bloodflame Blade comes from a Teardrop Scarab in Liurnia of the Lakes, southwest of the Rose Church.

Incantations: Heal and Great Heal

Heal and Great Heal are no-brainers for any incantation user; while expensive, they save you healing flasks and can be a real lifesaver in a challenging boss fight. Great Heal isn’t the best incantation option you can discover in Elden Ring, but the best one you’ll find early on. Heal is the starting spell for the Prophet class and can also be purchased from Brother Corhyn in the Roundtable Hold. Great Heal Location forthcoming.

Incantation: Golden Vow

If you remember Sacred Oath from Dark Souls 2, the Golden Vow incantation is essentially the same thing, but it doesn’t last nearly as long, and the buff is more in line with the post-nerf variation of Sacred Oath. Still, the increase in damage and all defenses can’t be underestimated, even for the short while it lasts. Location forthcoming.

These are just a few of the best spells and incantations in Elden Ring, and we’ve not found them all yet. Experiment with whatever you come across and build your own style. The choices presented here are all-around good options, but they are certainly not the only ones. Make sure you can use these spells by using our leveling-up guide to get the stats you need. Our Elden Ring guides hub will always have more info as well.

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