Elden Ring: Where to Find All Siofra River Flame Pillars & Locations

Here are all of the flame pillar locations in Siofra River so you can fight the Ancestor Spirit boss in Elden Ring.

Here are all of the flame pillar locations in Siofra River so you can fight the Ancestor Spirit boss in Elden Ring.

Finding and lighting all of the flame pillars in Siofra River in Elden Ring can be a daunting task, especially if you don’t know where their locations are. This is one of the more challenging areas you can stumble upon in the early game. It’s a massive underground location home to incredibly-accurate archers, balls of lightning that shoot electricity, poisonous flowers, and more. To reach the boss, Ancestor Spirit, you’ll need to light 8 flames across the region.

But their locations can be hard to find. It’s easy to die here — over and over again. This Elden Ring guide shows you where to find all 8 flame pillars in Siofra River, so you can perhaps die a little less often.

Note: Every time you successfully light a flame pillar, a corresponding flame pillar will alight at Hollowhorn Grounds, the ruins in the southeastern portion of the area. Once you light all 8, you’ll be able to interact with the large stag remains in the back of Hollowhorn Grounds, teleporting you to the Ancestor Spirit boss fight. 

Beat the Ancestor Spirit to get 13,000 Runes, the Ancestral Followers Ashes, and the Ancestor Spirit bronze trophy.

All Locations for Siofra River’s Flame Pillars in Elden Ring

Here are all of the locations on a single map. Scroll down for individual in-game and map screenshots. Click all pictures to enlarge.

Siofra River Flame Pillar 1

The first flame pillar in Siofra River is just east/northeast of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. It’s in the water with two massive trees towering behind it, and Hollowhorn Ruins in the distance to the right. 

Siofra River Flame Pillar 2

From the last location, turn left and head west. Go up the rocks with the lit brazier and past the Giant Crab (though don’t let it see you). Continue through the giant pillars. Just beyond that, you’ll see some gravestones with candles at the bottom of them leading up a grassy incline between the towering cliffs on either side. The flame pillar is up the incline, in the back of this area.

Siofra River Flame Pillar 3

Now head northeast to a small island between River Bank Site of Grace and Worshippers’ Woods Site of Grace. This is the larger island in the area, not the one with the teleporter), and it has an archway ruin with two lit braziers in the middle of it. The flame pillar is on the northern side. 

Siofra River Flame Pillar 4

From there, go north to toward the giant stone column with scaffolding on it; there’s a small wooden building beneath the column, as well. Go past the column (north), and watch out for the Giant Crab. Look northwest along the cliff, and you’ll see the next flame pillar against the cliff face. For another point of reference, it’s opposite/west of the Worshippers’ Woods Site of Grace.

Siofra River Flame Pillar 5

Now head over to the Worshippers’ Wood Site of Grace and rest to create a spawn point. From there, head barely south. you’ll see a flame pillar (the back of it), circled by two balls of lightning. Navigate those, then light the flame. Note: the picture above is taken from the south of the flame. 

Siofra River Flame Pillar 6

From there, continue heading south, back toward Hallowhorn Ground. Stay on the eastern edge (on your left headed this way). You’ll see the cliffs jut out to a precipice on this left/eastern side, with two columns and two braziers. The fifth flame pillar is here. Note: the image is taken coming up the road from the western part of Siofra River, from the River Bank Site of Grace.

Siofra River Flame Pillar 7

Head back to the small island with the teleporter just northeast of the Siofra River Bank Site of Grace. Use the teleporter to jump to the northeastern area of the map. When you spawn in the new area, turn right, and look up the path beyond the ruined archway. You’ll see the flame pillar in the distance on the right side. Be careful of the rats and spirits here. 

Siofra River Flame Pillar 8

From this pillar, turn west. Go up the cliff. At the top, face south, and you’ll see the last flame location at the edge of the far cliff, guarded by two Ancestral Spirits and some rats. Beyond is a large waterfall. Be very careful, though, of the Ancestral Spirits in the northern part of the area behind you; they can easily snipe you, especially if you lure out the rats in that direction. 

Now that you have all 8 Flame Pillars lit, return to Hallowhorn Ground, interact with the remains, and fight the Ancestor Spirit boss. For more on Elden Ring, head over to our guides hub.

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