Elden Ring: Where to Find the Eclipse Shotel & Location

Acquire the Eclipse Shotel, one of the Legendary Armaments, in this guide to its location in Elden Ring.

Acquire the Eclipse Shotel, one of the Legendary Armaments, in this guide to its location in Elden Ring.

One of the Legendary Armaments of Elden Ring, the Eclipse Shotel, lives in the snowy wastes of the Lands Between, guarded by the ghosts of fallen warriors from battles passed. Appropriately, it’s in a church dedicated to the solar eclipse. 

With the ability to wreathe itself in Death and afflict such on its foes, it would be a fearsome weapon in PvP if it weren’t so horrendously short and slow  and if its Deathblight buildup were viable there. As it stands, the Eclipse Shotel is more curiosity than terror, but it’s one worth acquiring for its uniqueness alone.

This Elden Ring guide will lead you to the Eclipse Shotel’s location and showcase its strengths, such as they are.

Eclipse Shotel Location

Don’t expect to rush to the Eclipse Shotel. To even reach its location, you need access to the Mountaintops of the Giants, which requires you defeat Morgott, lord of the capital city of Leyndell. Then, you must make your way to the northernmost section of the mountains to Castle Sol and get past the dual lions at the gate and the ghostly guards.

From the main gate of Castle Sol, beyond the pair of lionel beasts, head to the right up the stairs, then make your way left across the raised platform, past the wolves and warbirds. Head into the room at the end of the platform, and go by the first set of spirits, then across the second open area and up another set of stairs.

You’ll know you’re in the right place when you come to a large platform with a large set of open church doors at the other end. Four more spirits guard the entrance: two exiles with swords, one with a crossbow, and a Banished Knight once you close in on the doorway.

Just inside the door and to the left is the Church of the Eclipse Site of Grace, which you should pick up. Further into the chapel is a corpse with a golden shiny item: this is the Eclipse Shotel.

Eclipse Shotel Passive Effects and Abilities

You’ll need to put a somewhat ridiculous number of points into both Dexterity and Faith to use the Eclipse Shotel and far more to make it a viable option in any activity.

Even with its Ash of War, Death Flame, equipped, it only does marginally more damage from its base build, and Deathblight doesn’t affect many enemies in Elden Ring, and every boss is outright immune to it.

You can use the weapon in PvP as part of a Death-themed build, but you’ll want to stay on your foes constantly to activate the death effect, as it doesn’t build up quickly at all.

Add the lackluster Curved Sword moveset, low damage, and the weapon’s stat requirements, and even trying to make use of the thing will take you to at least Level 90 at the lowest. It’s doubtful to be useful at any level unless you’re dedicated to it.

Eclipse Shotel Stats

  • Damage type: Slash
  • Ability: Death Flame (FP cost — 16)
  • Weight: 3.0
  • Attack Power
    • Physical: 77
    • Magic: 0
    • Fire: 0
    • Lightning: 0
    • Holy: 77
    • Critical: 100
  • Guarded Damage Negation
    • Physical: 35
    • Magic: 25
    • Fire: 25
    • Lightning: 25
    • Holy: 50
    • Guard Boost: 25
  • Attribute Scaling
    • STR: E
    • DEX: D
    • FAITH: D
  • Attributes Required
    • STR: 10
    • DEX: 25
    • FAITH: 30
  • Passive Effects
    • None.

That’s how you get your hands on the Eclipse Shotel in Elden Ring. By the time you can reach it, you’ve likely got at least half a dozen other weapons better suited to more situations and that can deal more damage with fewer requirements. Don’t let that fact stop you from using it if you think it’s cool, but don’t expect to dish out thousands of damage in an instant. However, other weapons, like the Blasphemous Blade, Moonveil, and Dark Moon Greatsword might. Check out our Elden Ring guides hub for those articles and more.

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