The Golden Scarab is one of the best Talismans you can get in Elden Ring. Here is the where to find the secret cave that hides it.

Elden Ring: Where to Find the Golden Scarab Talisman

The Golden Scarab is one of the best Talismans you can get in Elden Ring. Here is the where to find the secret cave that hides it.
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If you want to get more Runes when you defeat enemies in Elden Ring, you’ll want to find the Golden Scarab Talisman location as soon as possible. From’s latest is more approachable and accessible than previous titles in its lineage, but compared to the Souls games, regular enemies don’t drop as much currency when killed. 

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Since Runes are used as currency and to level up, you’ll want as many as you can farm, and the Golden Scarab Talisman bolsters that ability by increasing the number of runes obtained from defeated foes by 20%. If you are strong enough to take on the bosses that guard it, you are likely about to be taking on some enemies that drop a whole lot of Runes. 

This Elden Ring walkthrough guide will tell you where to find the Golden Scarab Talisman. Be prepared for Scarlet Rot and Poison along the way.

Where to Find the Golden Scarab Talisman in Elden Ring

The Golden Scarab Talisman can be found in the Abandoned Cave in Caelid, just east of the Smoldering Wall Site of Grace. You will come to a cliffside with a large branch that extends over a chasm to a cavern. Hop onto this branch, and cross to the other side to find the cave opening. 

This dangerous dungeon is filled with environmental hazards and the floors are often covered in Scarlet Rot, but it’s worth traversing for the Golden Scarab. After you rest at the dungeon’s Site of Grace, go forward, and drop down into the pool of Rot.

Avoid the geysers that inflict status effect damage and regular damage on the way to the Golden Scarab. Remember: you cannot run while in Scarlet Rot pools, so time your movements very carefully. Avoid dodging to move faster as well; when you roll in Elden Ring, the Scarlet Rot spreads faster. 

Eventually, you will find a room with a Giant Poison Flower and a bunch of smaller flowers. On the other side, climb up a short hill and avoid the two enemies firing Poison from their staves. If you are playing a Faith build, the Incantation Fire, Cleanse Me is a useful support spell that heals both Poison and Scarlet Rot. Otherwise, you’ll need Boluses handy.

Once you reach the fog gate, you will find the Cleanrot Knight, a seemingly manageable boss, until he is joined by his buddy, that is. Defeat this duo of knights to get the Golden Scarab Talisman and never visit this dungeon again.

And that’s where you find the Golden Scarab Talisman in Elden Ring. If you’re hoping to farm Runes, there’s no better item to help you than the Golden Scarab. For more walkthroughs and guides, including how to beat Crystalians or explainers on mechanics like equip load, keep it locked to our Elden Ring guides hub. 

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