Elden Ring: Where to Find the Grave Scythe & Location

Reap what they've sown with this guide to finding the location of the Grave Scythe in Elden Ring.

Reap what they've sown with this guide to finding the location of the Grave Scythe in Elden Ring.

Of the two mundane Reaper weapons in Elden Ring, the Grave Scythe remains one of the better options. You can either dual-wield it for maximum blood loss or pair it with another Reaper weapon like the Halo Scythe or Winged Scythe for their unique Ashes of War. Better yet, you can even farm the Grave Scythe.

This Elden Ring guide will tell you where to find the Grave Scythe in the Lands Between, as well as go over its passives, skill abilities, and overall base stats so you can know whether it’s the right weapon for your build.

Where to Find the Grave Scythe in Elden Ring

The Grave Scythe is a drop from the scythe-wielding skeletons in the graveyards that dot the world of Elden Ring. The easiest way to farm it is to go to the Lake-Facing Cliffs Site of Grace and head down the hill to the west. There will be a large graveyard with three skeletons using the weapon.

Each scythe-wielding skeleton you kill has a chance to drop the Grave Scythe. Remember to hit their glowing bones once they fall apart to kill them for real.

Next, increase your Item Discovery with the Arcane stat and Silver Pickled Fowl Foot and the Silver Scarab from the Hidden Path to the Haligtree for optimal drop rates.

Grave Scythe Passives and Skill Abilities

The Grave Scythe has no special abilities when you first get it, but its base damage, reach, and moveset make up for that “deficiency.” Buffing the Grave Scythe with Bloodflame Blade is an excellent addition to its power, as you’ll increase both the damage and blood loss buildup. Equipping it with Blood or Cold infusions ups the damage potential even further.

The Grave Scythe defaults to the Spinning Slash Ash of War, which works, but if you use Double Slash or Sword Dance, you have a multi-hit combo that can cause blood loss or Frostbite buildup. Sword Dance is my preferred, as it makes your character move forward a considerable distance during the animation.

Keep in mind that Reapers have sweet spot damage, meaning you’ll want to hit with the blade of the Grave Scythe itself rather than the haft. Having the Grave Scythe equipped also raises your Vitality and Immunity stats, increasing your resistance to Death and Poisons/Blights, respectively.

Grave Scythe Stats

Here are the Grave Scythe’s base stats.

  • Damage type: Slash
  • Ability: Spinning Slash (FP cost — 6, 12 for the full combo)
  • Weight: 7.0
  • Attack Power
    • Physical: 114
    • Magic: 0
    • Fire: 0
    • Lightning: 0
    • Holy: 0
    • Critical: 100
  • Guarded Damage Negation
    • Physical: 49
    • Magic: 33
    • Fire: 33
    • Lightning: 33
    • Holy: 33
    • Guard Boost: 33
  • Attribute Scaling
    • STR: D
    • DEX: D
  • Attributes Required
    • STR: 17
    • DEX: 13
  • Passive Effects
    • Blood loss buildup (55)

You’ll pick up the Grave Scythe early in Elden Ring, but its power isn’t hampered by how easy it is to acquire. Now you know how to find and how to optimize its damage. Other weapons like the Uchigatana and Moonveil are also easy to come by early and work well together. Our Elden Ring guides hub covers even more weapons, abilities, and equipment.

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