Elden Ring: Where to Find the Moonveil Katana & Location

The Moonveil Katana is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, and it's hidden in the land's most intimidating region. Here's where to find it.

The Moonveil Katana is one of the best weapons in Elden Ring, and it's hidden in the land's most intimidating region. Here's where to find it.

The Moonveil Katana is a must-have weapon if you are running a Dexterity and Intelligence build in Elden Ring. The blade scales heavily with INT, causes blood loss, and has a special unique Weapon Skill that will obliterate nearly anything that stands between you and the Elden Ring you seek. 

This quick guide will tell you how to find the Moonveil Katana’s location, as well as outline its passive effects and abilities alongside its stats.

​​How to Find the Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring

The Moonveil Katana drops from the Magma Wyrm that resides deep with Gael Tunnel in the Scarlet Rot infested southeastern region of the map, Caelid. You will need to first find this small dungeon in order to extract its treasure. 

From the Rotview Balcony Site of Grace, head South, past the shack near the Site and over the rocks. Pass a clearing with stone caskets containing Golden Runes of various values. Continue to drop down the cliff face heading south and eventually, you will wind up on top of a small campsite with two knights. You can engage or sneak around them to find the entrance to Gael Tunnel in the cliffside

Here, there are a couple of enemies to take care of. After that, carefully jump down the platforms that line the rim of the hole in front of you. If you start on the left-hand side of the room, you should be able to maneuver your way down the platforms in a clockwise manner to reach the Site of Grace, closing in on the Moonveil Katana location.

Go through the tunnel, collect the resources, fight the enemies or run until you reach a room with a door to your right and a smaller door ahead of you. Open the door in front of you to reach another Site of Grace. Rest here before going into the boss room to fight the Magma Wyrm

Moonveil Katana Passives & Abilities

Moonveil Katana’s passive is blood loss buildup. Like with the Uchigatana, this effect builds over time to deal substantial damage to enemies and bosses alike.

Moonveil Katana is also equipped with Transient Moonlight, which sheathes the blade and allows you to pull off one of two devastating attacks. Follow it up with a light attack to trigger a horizontal slash that creates a deadly magic projectile, or a heavy attack to perform a downward slash that creates a similar ranged magic missile. 

This skill is extremely powerful and if you have the stats to wield the Moonveil Katana, you can wipe the floor with some of the game’s toughest bosses. Even though the Moonveil Katana was recently nerfed, this is still one of the best weapons in Elden Ring.

Moonveil Katana Stats

Here are the Moonveil Katana’s baseline stats: 

  • Damage type: Slash/Pierce
  • Ability: Transient Moonlight (FP 15/20)
  • Weight: 6.5
  • Attack Power
    • Physical: 73
    • Magic: 87
    • Fire: 0
    • Lightning: 0
    • Holy: 0
    • Critical 100
  • Guarded Damage Negation
    • Physical: 31
    • Magic: 57
    • Fire: 26
    • Lightning: 26
    • Holy: 26
    • Guard Boost: 31
  • Attribute Scaling
    • STR: E
    • DEX: D
    • INT: C
  • Attributes Required: 
    • STR: 12
    • DEX: 18
    • INT: 23
  • Passive Effects
    • Causes blood loss buildup (50)

Alongside the Moonveil Katana, the Magma Wyrm in Gael Tunnel will drop 7,500 Runes and a Dragon Heart, which can be exchanged for powerful Arcane incantations at the Church and Cathedral of Dragon Communion. 

And that’s where you find the Moonveil Katana in Elden Ring. If you’re having trouble taking down the Magma Wyrm, we have some tips for you. If you want to find the right weapon for your build, we suggest our weapons tier list. For anything else from basics to boss guides, keep it locked to our Elden Ring guides hub.

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