Elder Scrolls Online – Guide To Alliance War Skills

Your guide to the Elder Scrolls Online Alliance War Skills.

Your guide to the Elder Scrolls Online Alliance War Skills.

For those venturing into the PvP part of Elder Scrolls Online, here is a breakdown of the Alliance War Skills for Assault, Support and Emperor.

The Skill line has one ultimate, two active and three passive skills. The Emperor has only passive skill lines. The ultimate and active skills can be morphed which enhance the original skill allowing you to customize your character.

Ultimate Ability:

War Horn – Increases Max Magicka & Max Stamina of nearby allies by 20% for 20 seconds


  • Aggressive Horn – Also increases weapon damage
  • Sturdy Horn – Also increases Max Health
Active Ability:

Rapid Maneuver – Increases movement speed of nearby allies by 17% for 20 seconds; grants immunity to snare and immobilize (effect ends when attack is made)


  • Charging Maneuver – Allies gain big bonus damage for 1 attack
  • Retreating Maneuver – Also removes all snares & roots from effected allies and increases speed bonus

Caltrops – Throw caltrops at target location, dealing Physical Damage every 0.5 seconds to enemies in the area of effect for 27 seconds (affect enemies are snared for 30%)


  • Anti-Calvary Caltrops – Forces mounted enemies to dismount
  • Razor Caltrops – When caltrops land, enemies in the area take additional damage & snare
Passive Ability:

Continuous Attack – Increases Weapon Damage by 5% and Magicka & Stamina Regeneration by 10% for 10 minutes after capturing a lumber mill, farm, mine or keep for Rank 1; by 20% for Rank 2

Reach – Increases range of all abilities with greater than 15 meter range by 2 meters while near a keep for Rank 1; by 5 meters for Rank 2

Combat Frenzy – Bestows an additional ultimate when killing an enemy player for Rank 1; additional 25 ultimate for Rank 2

Ultimate Ability:

Barrier – Creates a damage shield on nearby allies for 30 seconds


  • Replenishing Barrier – Gain Ultimate and Magicka anytime an ally’s shield expires or is destroyed
  • Reviving Barrier – Shielded allies gain Health Regeneration
Active Ability:

Siege Shield – Creates a shield bubble that bestows 20% protection vs. ranged attacks & siege weapons and lasts for 17 seconds. Allies in the area of effect gain 20% protection vs. ranged attacks & siege weapons


  • Propelling Shield – Allies in the shield gain increased range
  • Siege Weapon Shield – Allied siege weapons in the bubble take reduced damage from other siege weapons

Purge – Removes up to 2 negative effects from nearby allies 7 reduces the duration of negative effects on nearby allies by 50% for 3 seconds


  • Cleanse – Restore Health to target if at least one debuff is removed
  • Efficient Purge – Reduces cost

Note: Sorcerers gain an ultimate skill called Negate Magic which can dispel, and Templars have a skill called Cleansing Ritual which offers the allies the Purifying Synergy, capable of dispelling. Nightblades or Dragon Knights have no ways to dispel if it wasn’t for this skill.

Passive Ability:

Magicka Aid – Increases Magicka Regeneration by 5% for each Support ability slotted for Rank 1; by 10% for Rank 2

Combat Medic – Increases healing done by 10% when near a keep for Rank 1; by 20% for Rank 2

Battle Resurrection – Decreases the time it takes to resurrect another player by 25% for Rank 1; by 50% for Rank 2

Passive Ability:

Domination – Increases Health, Magicka & Stamina combat regeneration by 100%; former Emperors increases by 2%

Authority – Increases Ultimate gains by 200% & decreases Ultimate costs by 5%; former Emperors decreases costs by 5%

Monarch – Increases the magnitude of healing effects on Emperors by 50%; former Emperors by 1%

Tactician – Increases siege Weapons Damage by 100%; former Emperors increases Siege Weapons Damage by 2%

Emperor – Increases Health, Magicka & Stamina by 100% when in your campaign

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