Elex 2 Tips and Tricks Guide

Why struggle with Elex 2? Follow our tips, and your Jax will be jacked and ready to attack!

Why struggle with Elex 2? Follow our tips, and your Jax will be jacked and ready to attack!

Elex 2 is a tough game, as expected considering the original Elex‘s difficulty. There’s plenty of challenge to be had in bosses and regular enemies alike, but if you’re prepared you’ll come out on top.

In this guide we’ll go over some tips for surviving in Elex 2, starting with some must-know tidbits from the earliest portions of the game.

Elex 2 Tips and Tricks

Check Every Nook and Cranny

One of the most important things you can do to get a head start in Elex 2 is to check every little area in every room or field in the game.

You will be able to find a treasure trove of items that you can use in combat as well as to sell to vendors. Learning skills in this game costs Elexit (the in-game currency), and you’re going to need lots of it to grow your character.

As soon as you start your new game, turn around. Go back to your house’s ruins. You can get some meat to cook on the campfire you start near; this will give you a nice way to gain some health right from the start with the fried meat item.

You’ll also find two small healing potions and a holoprojector; the healing potions will heal you, and the projector can be sold at a vendor to give you a little early game cash.

Shortly after this, you’ll run into your first enemy. Kill the dog-like enemy and near his corpse (which you can also loot), you’ll find a lockpick, symbol of Calaan, water, and healing plants. The lockpick will help you open chests to get more items, and the symbol will get you money from vendors.

A little into your game, you will acquire a jet pack. Use this jet pack to help you get to the tops of buildings and loot anything you find up there as well.

For example, shortly after meeting the character named Adam, you can use your jet pack to fly onto his building’s roof where you will find fuel, the item you need to upgrade your jet pack.

Go through each area like you’re doing some spring cleaning, and you will be prepared for whatever challenges await you.

Prepare for Battle: Fighting Enemies

Almost immediately after starting Elex 2, you’ll have to face young jackals and other alien dog-like enemies.

If you are playing on normal or higher difficulty, you should approach them with caution. They aren’t too difficult, but a pair of them can do some serious damage to you. Every enemy after them will absolutely wreck you if you’re not careful on higher difficulties.

Here are some tips for combat based on my experience:

  • Remember to roll (the O button for PS4/PS5) and do so often. The enemies in Elex 2 do a good job of telegraphing their attacks, so just wait for the animation of the attack to start and roll.
  • Keep your guard (L1 for PS4/PS5) up when unable to roll; you’ll still take damage, but it will be lessened.
  • Alternate between light and heavy attacks. On your PS4/PS5 controller, you can do quicker attacks with R1 and heavier ones with R2. You can even charge up a heavier attack by holding R2.
  • Let your companion do the bulk of the work. After an hour or two into the game, you should get the ability to get a companion like Caja, the mage and mother of your child. She has awesome fire blasts that mess enemies up. Let her do the work if you are unable to beat an enemy by yourself.
  • Don’t be ashamed to run away. Some of the foes you’ll come across will one shot you when you’re just starting out the game. Use your jet pack to help you climb up to higher places where enemies can’t reach you. Just be aware that they might have projectile attacks that can still get to you.

Arm Yourself

You’ll start off with a damaged lead pipe as your first weapon. If you are following the first piece of advice, you will come across a few other damaged lead pipes either by looting them or buying them from vendors with the money you got by selling all your junk.

Once you get to the Western World Heart area with the Berserkers Thialg and Smith, you can learn how to build weapons from Smith. Use his workbench to build a lead pipe from two damaged lead pipes. This will give you a nice little damage boost early on in the game.

As you continue the game, you will come across a multitude of weapons. Depending on the build you’re going for, you can either sell the ones you know you won’t use, or keep them so you have something to grow into.

Just be aware that even some of the weakest weapons come with a strength or dexterity requirement, so you’ll need to spend attribute points to use them.

Build Yourself, Buddy!

In Elex 2, you can build your character in a lot of different ways. Take a look through the attributes and the skills in your menu early on. You should try to plan out what kind of character you want to be.

Do you want to be a tanky melee user? If so, do you want to use one handed or two handed weapons? Do you want to be a mage like Caja? Do you want to shoot people in the face with a shotgun like a crazy outlaw? The earlier in the game you pick your archetype, the better set you are for meeting your goals early on without wasting attribute points that cannot be refunded.

That’s it for our tips for getting started with Elex 2! If you have any tips that helped you in the game, be sure to let us know in the comments! Stay tuned for more guides for Elex 2 on GameSkinny.

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