What is "Pick Honor Unit" and should you spend your Honor Coins on it?

Endless Frontier – What Does “Pick Honor Unit” Do?

What is "Pick Honor Unit" and should you spend your Honor Coins on it?
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To say there’s a lot to keep track of and do in Endless Frontier compared to other idle games is a bit of an understatement. Getting and enhancing units, artifacts, and pets sounds a lot easier than it actually ends up being.

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If you’re new to the game you’ve probably poked around many of its features so far but are still in the dark on a few. After all, none of them are free. If you’re looking to do anything you’re going to be spending something — whether Gems, Medals, or Honor Coins. Everything has a price.

Honor Coins are the second most difficult currency to get and they are worth it. Honor Coins are spent in the Honor Shop found at the top of the Battle menu. You primarily obtain them via the Battle Arena and the Tower of Trial, as well as through the Daily Ranking Battle.

You probably check which units are available in the Buy Unit menu, but those Honor Coins can be used to buy units (and random 5 ~ 6 star artifacts) in the Honor Shop. The ones you can get in the Honor Shop all start at 5 stars but there is one purchase option that’s a bit confusing to most players: Pick Honor Unit.

All the units you’ll come across to directly buy in the Honor Shop are 4400 Honor Coins, so what’s with Pick Honor Unit costing 5000?

It appears Pick Honor Unit gives you a random 5-star unit that is no longer in the shop rotation. This can either be considered good or bad — you may get a great older unit, but you may also get one that doesn’t fit with your party at all.

The Pick Honor Unit option is not a good use of Honor Coins for new players under any circumstances. You want specific units and to form a party that synergizes and has all of its bases covered… not to throw one together without thinking about race, attack type, and skills.

So why would you spend 5000 Honor Coins for a random unit when you can outright buy decent 5-star units from the Honor Shop for only 4400 Honor Coins? If you happen to have been playing the game for a long time and have all of the current 5-star+ units you want and instead want to try to get some older ones to fill the ranks, it can be worth it.

If you’re newish to the game or haven’t done a ton of progression, save your Honor Coins for direct unit purchases in the Honor Shop. It’s a much better use of your hard-earned Honor Coins unless you’re already rolling in nearly all of the current unit rotation.

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