Endless Frontier's new Spirit Rest isn't some big mystery, but it's one feature every player needs to know about.

Endless Frontier – What Is the New Spirit Rest Function?

Endless Frontier's new Spirit Rest isn't some big mystery, but it's one feature every player needs to know about.

Endless Frontier‘s March 24 update brought a new Spirit Rest function for players to play with and figure out. This one’s explained just about as well as the game’s other features, so let’s take a look at what this is and how you can make use of it.

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In case you’re a bit behind and haven’t found Spirit Rest, wander to the Premium Shop and scroll all the way down to feast your eyes on the new option there.

Doesn’t it look tempting? That icon looks so welcoming for good reason as it leads to a convenient new option to farm medals while the game is closed. Considering how heavy the medal grind gets and how battery-hungry Endless Frontier is, this is one feature any dedicated player needs to make friends with.

So, first things first: Spirit Rest is only available if you have passed and revived after stage 2,000. If you haven’t gotten that far, you now have some serious motivation to push your team’s cores further and reach the big 2k.

What Does Spirit Rest Do?

Spirit Rest grants you medal gains based on your best medal per minute record — since the function has been implemented. Each minute of Spirit Rest grants you medals based off that number.

Past that, there are certainly some things to know:

The first thing to know is that initiating Spirit Rest pauses your current run — so don’t initiate unless you’re ready to take it easy for a while. Quests still accumulate money during this time.

Your run may be put on hold for the duration of Spirit Rest, but you can still tackle critical side content. The Battle Arena, Spirit Highlands, Dungeon, and Tower of Trial can all still be entered while you are on Spirit Rest. So don’t worry about missing artifacts or arena matches.

The second thing to know is that Spirit Rest will only accumulate medals during the first 4 hours it is running. It is only beneficial for 4 hours, and does not automatically quit once it’s come to completion. Instead, it will wait until you come back to the game and stop Spirit Rest manually, so be mindful of the time unless you’re setting it before bed.

The third thing is that Spirit Rest packs an 8-hour cooldown once you have turned it off. The cooldown does not start counting down when you start Spirit Rest, nor does it do so when it’s done accumulating medals. Only when you manually wrap it up will the cooldown begin. This includes when you cut your Spirit Rest short.

What this all boils down to is it allows you to autofarm medals every 12 hours with the only cost to you being an active game screen. The formula for Spirit Rest’s medal gains is as follows:

Spirit Rest time * best medals per minute * 0.9

One thing to note is that you can spend 1,000 Gems at the end of the Spirit Rest duration to double your gains. If you have the Gems and are in dire need of the medals, this may be a good Gem investment.

Getting better gains in Spirit Rest essentially equates to getting an overall better advancement team and strategy down.

About time to get a revival team full of Dark Archers ready.

Medal gains in normal runs are entirely based off of how far you get, and with Spirit Rest taking medals per minute into account, you also have to think about your advancement speed. If you’re going for a new medals per minute record, you’re not going to want to keep your active run going if you’re progressing slowly.

The community will surely come up with some in-depth strategies for optimizing their medals per minute records and milking Spirit Rest for all it’s worth. If you already have some ideas, get to it! But if you’re just playing casually, just take this new function as a convenient way to make medals overnight.

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