Enshrouded: How Food Works and Best Things to Bring With You

The right food will help you not die in Enshrouded. Here's what to carry with you and what foodstuffs do.

Character grilling meat at Campfire.
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Foods can buff and heal or cause you to take damage in the world of Embervale. Found in the wild, cooked over a campfire, or made into a tea, I’ll tell you how food works and the best things to bring with you in Enshrouded.

How Does Food Work in Enshrouded?

Food is a way to buff your character and replenish health. As you progress, the values of similar items increase, but the general buffs conferred by them remains the same. Cooked meat always buffs your health, fresh fruit always provides health regeneration.

Each item you eat is categorized from meat to produce, to liquid to grains. You only have three food slots available at any time. When looking at the good in your inventory, you can tell which category it belongs to under the rarity, with both an icon and a label.

Food with category highlighted.
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How to Equip Food Items and Eat More Food

When you use a food item, it appears in the three circles under your health and mana bar. As long as it’s being digested (active), you can’t eat another food from that category. This shows as a green timer circle that decreases until the icon disappears.

The only time you can eat more of the same food is when the timer is under about a quarter of the way left. I prefer letting the timer completely run out before eating again to get the full benefits, but it really depends on the situation.

Raw meat food poisoning.
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Raw Meat and Food Poisoning

Raw Meat is an exception to the general “food is good for you rule.” Consuming it causes Food Poisoning, which reduces your Stamina significantly, as well as the rate it regens. Certain mushrooms, such as Azure Russula, also inflict Food Poisoning when eaten.

Best Foods to Keep With You in Enshrouded

  • Cooked Meat: Boosts Constitution, increasing your max health.
  • Fruit: Provides a short time of fast healing
  • Liquid (Water): Increases Stamina
  • Class Stat Boosting Item: Depending on the skills you’re taking, you’ll want items that give you extra Strength, Intelligence, Endurance, or Dexterity.
Hazelnut food profile showing Strength boost.
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I personally always have Water, Cooked Meat, Strawberries, and Hazelnuts with me. Hazelnuts boost melee damage by increasing Strength, which I utilize in combat 95% of the time. I try to have max stacks of all food so I’m fully prepared.

That’s how food works and what foods you should always take with you in Enshrouded. Having access to increased Stamina, Health, and healing is a great way to survive fights, the Shroud, and anything else thrown at you. For more on the Shroud, how to build the Blacksmith a shop, or how to rescue the other Craftspeople, head to our guides hub.

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