Enshrouded Carry Capacity: How to Expand and Increase Backpack Inventory Space

Expanding backpack space means you can collect more resources in Enshrouded.

Character running in Springlands.
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Inventory management and survival games go hand in hand. Making tough choices is part of the equation, helping you live or setting you on a deadly course. Here, I’ll tell you how to expand and increase your backpack space in Enshrouded.

How to Get More Inventory Slots and Increase Carry Capacity in Enshrouded

Starting out, you have two action bars that hold 16 items, and three backpack bars that hold 24 items. While you can carry a total of 40 items, your inventory quickly fills up with multiple stacks of resources, your ranged weapon — or a melee weapon if you’re like me — as well as potions, food, and ammo.

Once you free the Farmer Craftsperson, she gives you recipes for additional backpacks that increase your overall carry capacity. First, though, she needs to have a roof over her head. After she’s sheltered, you can craft the first expansion, Small Backpack.

Small Backpack Expansion Crafting Requirements

Crafting requirements for Small Backpack.
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  • Torn Cloth x3
  • Dried Fur x4
  • String x5

Go to your character profile after making the Small Backpack. You’ll see a slot for Backpacks. Equip the Small Backpack to increase your inventory by x8 slots.

Inventory Management Tips

While you wait to recover the Farmer and craft your first Backpack expansion, there are a few things you can do to keep your inventory under control.

  • Don’t collect Old Books: As you explore houses, you can Dismantle books. This gives you the resource: Old Books. These are purely decorative. If you need space, leave the books behind. There are plenty more when you can actually craft with them.
  • Salvage Weapons: All weapons obtained as loot can be salvaged for Runes in your inventory. Runes stack up to 500 per inventory slot, so you can salvage weapons to keep those backpack spots open.
Salvaging a bow in inventory.
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  • Carry one Ammo type: Nothing takes up space like ammo. Imagine having five different varieties of arrows. That’s four spots more than you need. I understand using what you have or needing special arrows, but consolidating for space is a key consideration.
  • If you have a full stack of raw meat, Torn Cloth, Stone, Wood Logs, Twigs, or Plant Fiber, chuck the rest. These are easy to obtain close to home and the space can be better used on rarer items or resources. If you have too many of a resource and aren’t using it, just toss it completely.

That’s how to expand and increase your Backpack space in Enshrouded, along with some inventory management tips. I found getting rid of items I didn’t use, already had a ton of at base, and parsing down my ammo really helped me keep my inventory open for rare items. For other tips, check out our handy guides hub.

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