Enshrouded: How to Get and Use Shroud Core

Shroud Cores are necessary to upgrade your Flame in Enshrouded.

Character fighting a flying Fell in the Shroud.
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Much like Shroud Spores, there are larger clumps of Shroud particles called Shroud Core. If want to upgrade the size of your base, this resource is key. It lets you upgrade your Flame Altar. Here, I’ll tell you how to get Shroud Core in Enshrouded.

How to Find More Shroud Core Faster in Enshrouded

Shroud Core is an enhanced version of Shroud Spores. If you follow the main quests without exploring too much, you get x1 Shroud Core when you clear the first Elixir Well early on. Aside from defeating an Elixir Well boss, you get a core by killing strong Fell enemies and crafting them at the Alchemist.

Looting Shroud Core from flying Fell.
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Once you start exploring other regions, awaken the Carpenter, or find Elixir Wells, start seeing new Fell that can fly. Though a pain for melee mains, these are worth killing. They drop Shroud Cores. Always bring a ranged weapon with ammo whenever you enter the Shroud. Extend your Shroud timer to get more chances at flying Fell.

You’ll also see previous bosses wander around as normal Fell. When dead, these bosses still drop a Shroud Core and a trophy. They’re tough to beat but not as hard as when you first faced them. You can also return to the Elixir Well you cleared previously, and defeat that version of the boss again to gain a Core.

How to Craft Shroud Core at the Alchemist

Alchemist Shroud Core recipe
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The Alchemist is in the second set of Craftspeople you free from Ancient Vaults. If you read any notes in the area, you know this is Balthazar. He crafted the Shroud Survival Flask. Once you summon him to your camp, you can create Shroud Cores. Unlike the Blacksmith, you don’t need to shelter him for this recipe to be available.

Use x10 Shroud Spores and x10 Shroud Liquid to craft one Shroud Core. While the first level of Flame Altar upgrades only requires a single core, later levels ask for more. Whenever looting Fell enemies or traveling through the Shroud, always collect these Shroud Core crafting materials on your path.

That’s how to get Shroud Core in Enshrouded. For more on surviving the Shroud, how to stock up on other resources, or what the best weapons are in game, check out our Enshrouded guides page.

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