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How to Increase Comfort in Enshrouded

Make sure your character is always well-rested in Enshrouded. Here's how to increase comfort.

Enshrouded is a survival game where being well-rested can mean the difference between success and failure. And the buff is tied to how comfortable your character is when resting. Here, I’ll tell you how to increase comfort levels in Enshrouded.

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How Does Comfort Work in Enshrouded?

Comfort increases when you’re rested, warm, or in an area without enemies. You can sit down or sleep on a bed, stand or rest by a fire, and recover in a peaceful area like your base. Combining all three increases comfort further.

Comfort is a variable condition. It constantly changes depending on your current status and location. The higher your comfort level, the more boons you gain for your stamina’s maximum value and regeneration.

If I sleep in a bed near a campfire, I gain a bonus from being resting/sheltered and that source of warmth. If you sleep for a few seconds, you’ll notice the duration of your stamina buffs are longer. The boosts are more significant once you have other sources of comfort, such as illumination.

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How Beds Increase Comfort

You can craft beds in Enshrouded via the Workbench or Carpenter NPC. The beds you craft also have their own respective comfort levels that are tallied into the total. Here are some early-game examples:

  • Crude Mattress (+2 comfort): Requires x4 Plant Fiber, x3 String, and x4 Torn Cloth.
  • Crude Wooden Bed (+2 comfort): Requires x4 Animal Fur, x4 String, x4 Wood Logs, and x1 Crude Mattress.
  • Wooden Bed (+2 comfort): Requires x4 Nails, x6 Wood Logs, x6 Dried Fur, x10 Torn Cloth, x10 Plant Fiber, and x4 String.

How Fire Increases Comfort

Another way to increase comfort in Enshrouded is by having a heat source near your character. Here are some examples:

  • Campfire (Level 1 resting): Requires x2 Wood Logs.
  • Fireplace (+2 comfort): Requires +6 Stone and x2 Wood Logs.
  • Stone Fireplace (+2 comfort): Requires x10 Stone and x4 Wood Logs.

Certain objects and tools might use fires, but they don’t actually provide additional comfort levels. For instance, I experimented with the Blacksmith’s Charcoal Kiln, which doesn’t count as a heat source.

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How Do Furniture and Fixtures Increase Comfort?

The Carpenter NPC has numerous pieces of furniture and fixtures you can craft and place at your base. These also have their own comfort values that are added to the total:

  • Chandelier (+2 comfort): Requires x6 Metal Scraps, x4 Wood Logs, and x4 Candle.
  • Wooden Bathtub (+2 comfort): Requires x4 Nails, x4 Wood Logs, x4 Metal Scraps, and x4 Resin.
  • Wooden Chair (+1 comfort): x3 Wood Logs and x2 Resin.
  • Wooden Banquet Table (+2 comfort): Requires x5 Wood Logs, x2 Resin, and x3 Nails.

Those are the ways to increase comfort in Enshrouded. For more tips about Enshrouded, check out our guides hub.

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