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Enshrouded: How to Salvage Items and Weapons Instead of Deleting Them

Salvaging items in Enshrouded is a great way to free up inventory space and get Runes. Here's how to do it.

Inventory space at a premium in Enshrouded? Found yourself with a full backpack of weapons you can’t use? You can delete items from your inventory, but doing so doesn’t return materials. Here, I’ll tell you how to salvage items and weapons in Enshrouded.

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How to Salvage and Destroy Objects for Runes in Enshrouded

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Your inventory quickly fills with all the weapons, crafting materials, and healing items you pick up and craft. Thankfully, you can salvage some items to not make space and regain resources. Hover over any weapon in your character’s inventory and either right-click with a mouse or press X on PlayStation or A on Xbox to Salvage them.

A small menu appears with Salvage as an option. Select Salvage to immediately destroy the item. The number in parentheses next to it represents the number of Runes (Enshrouded‘s universal currency) you get for Salvaging the item.

Higher-rarity and higher-level weapons have a proportionately higher Salvage value. A Level 3 blue Rare item awards 27 Runes. A Level 5 purple Epic-rarity item gives 51 Runes.

Why Can’t I Salvage Items? Can I Salvage Armor?

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You must have a free slot in your inventory to accept the Runes. The option to Salvage is be greyed out If you don’t have space.

At this point in Early Acces, you can only salvage weapons in Enshrouded. Armor, consumables, crafting materials, and other items can’t be Salvaged. If it isn’t a weapon, you can only Delete it. Deleting items has the same effect as salvaging: the item is gone forever. However, you don’t get runes.

You must also select the item you want to delete by clicking on it with your mouse. Simply hovering over it doesn’t tell the game to update your selection. I’ve lost at a few stacks of rarer materials and at least one weapon I really wanted to keep because I didn’t take the extra second to click on the item I actually wanted to salvage.

There’s not much more to salvaging in Enshrouded. Press a button, select the salvage option, and profit (provided there’s profit). As you explore the world, you’re bound to craft or find weapons you’ll eventually out-level, and salvaging gives you a pittance for your efforts. For more on Enshrouded, check out our guides hub.

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