Enshrouded Steam Deck Support Explained

Will you be able to play Enshrouded on the Steam Deck? Here's what we know.

A castle stands against a green forest in mist.
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Whether you’re looking to continue your Flameborn adventure on the go or prefer gaming in a more comfortable spot than your desk, you may be looking to play Keen Games’ survival game on Valve’s handheld. Here’s what we know about Enshrouded Steam Deck support.

Will Enshrouded be on Steam Deck? Answered

The Enshrouded demo saw tons and tons of downloads (with plenty of those coming right from the GameSkinny team). While many players built, battled, and gathered, those who wanted to play the game on Steam Deck were mostly left out of the experience. During the demo period, though, some Linux players were actually able to get it working. But that begs the question: will it be playable for those using Steam OS or another operating system?

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Maybe. Enshrouded requires a minimum of 6GB of VRAM to play, which seems like it’d be playable on Steam Deck. Since voxel games are large GPU hogs, however, it makes them harder to run effectively on low VRAM machines. That’s why games such as Cyberpunk 2077 or Baldur’s Gate 3 are Steam Deck verified — and Enshrouded isn’t. For now.

Taking feedback from the community that we’d love to build exquisite bases on the go, the Enshrouded dev team has been hard at work to reduce the minimum requirements, optimizing the game for older machines and handheld platforms. Since Keen Games uses its own game engine, optimizing the necessary computing power is certainly possible.

Will Enshrouded be Playable on Steam Deck in Early Access?

Currently, Enshrouded hasn’t been Steam Deck verified by Valve. However, per Community Manager CoolUsernameBro, it now works on most of the 4GB VRAM cards out there.

CoolUsernameBroYesterday at 5:59 AM

the game now runs on most 4GB VRAM cards.

Since this was the primary issue getting the voxel survival game on Steam Deck, it seems like the problem has been addressed. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if it does. But there’s hope! And it seems like Steam Deck compatibility will be possible (even if it’s not exactly verified by Valve).

For those unaware of how the gadget works, the Steam Deck has a total of 16GB RAM to utilize. From that, 1GB is automatically assigned for the GPU, but you can up it to 4GB in the machine’s settings (and Valve says 8GB is possible, but you can read their Steam Deck FAQ for more).

Something to remember is that setting it to 8GB may cause other issues, but switching it to 4GB enables you to play a variety of games without sacrificing computing power.

Farm with tomatoes and village in Enshrouded.
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What Does That Mean for Enshrouded’s Steam Deck Compatibility?

While that’s great news, we also don’t want to get any hopes up. Keen Games hasn’t officially released a statement nor have devs addressed the Valve device directly in their Discord messages. The Steam page still lists 6GB VRAM under the minimum requirements, as well.

While optimization focused on crash fixes, improved performance, and framerate dips, the team worked magic to lower what you need to run Enshrouded. Since the team can’t guarantee every machine with a 4GB VRAM card can run it, we may have to just go off the general post.

If you want the most up-to-date information, you should join the official Discord channel. Become part of the 4GB VRAM GPU gang role to get notifications when something new is posted. Hopefully, we’ll see some official news on the topic soon.

That’s what we know about Enshrouded on Steam Deck. When more information is released, if it gets Verified for Steam Deck, or anything else you may want to know, we’ll update this. In the meantime, check out our other game guides in our hub.

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