Find out how to beat all three Expedition bosses using this guide to Epic Seven mobile.

Epic Seven Guide: How to Beat All Expedition Bosses

Find out how to beat all three Expedition bosses using this guide to Epic Seven mobile.

Expedition is a brand-new hunt in Epic Seven mobile. In it, players fight three exclusive bosses for unique rewards, which you’ll definitely want to get your hands on. This guide will provide you with essential tips on how to beat all Expedition bosses as quickly as possible.

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In order to unlock Expedition hunt, you must first complete Clear Hunt 8. Afterward, you can enter Expedition hunt through a lobby and tap the Garo’s Expedition icon.

All three bosses (Blooming Snag Lich, Hopeless Symaqus, and Brutal Pherus) use Abnormal Atmosphere, which:

  • Resets all cooldowns on abilities on turn 11
  • Deals 60%/70%/80% more damage to units weak to ice, fire, and earth
  • Makes bosses receive 50% more damage from ice, fire, and earth elements

Each boss also has a set of its own unique attacks and elemental resistances, which you need to target with the proper team composition.

How to Beat Blooming Snag Lich

The first boss is the earth element monster Blooming Snag Lich, which resides in the Frustration Swamp. Fire weapons are the best weapons to use against Blooming Snag Lich, which has the following attacks:

  • Soul Divide  Hits a unit twice if unit’s health is below 50%
  • Soul Exploit  Hits all units and inflicts Poison status effect
  • Hell’s Gate  Dispels all buffs and inflicts Neurotoxin
    • Depletes the HP of each unit by 90%

The best team composition for beating Blooming Snag Lich includes:

  • Strong DPS characters, such as Kayron, Charlotte, and Fire Mercedes
  • Hard-hitting characters like Tamarinne, Violin Mage, and Ras (with attack buffs)
  • Shield-wielders like Lilias can be used as effective frontline defense units

How to Beat Hopeless Symaqus

The second boss is an ice element monster called Hopeless Symaqus. It is located in the Black Shroud Forest. Earth element weapons inflict 50% more damage on Hopeless Symaqus than other weapons. 

Hopeless Symaqus has a number of diverse attacks that focus on both magic casters and DPS attackers:

  • Devil’s Arm  Focuses all of its power on frontline units.
    • Put Knights in front, as they are better protected against this type of damage.
  • Frenzied Attack (AoE) — Removes all buffs from magic casters
  • Standardized Destruction  Inflicts Bleed and Fatigue status effects on a unit with the highest attack
    • Renders your best unit useless for at least one turn

The best team composition for beating Hopeless Symaqus includes: 

  • Characters better equipped against Fatigue, such as Green Lots and Tamarinne 
  • Healers like Celestine, who can help you withstand Hopeless Symaqus’s AoE attacks
  • DPS characters like Destina, who can defend your front row.

How to Beat Brutal Pherus

The third and final boss, Brutal Pherus, is the hardest one of the bunch. It is a fire element monster located in Regret Wilds. It is primarily weak to ice elemental damage.

This boss has more unique attacks:

  • Posture Shift — Attacks and critical hits are increased when in Offensive Posture
    • Lost after six consecutive hits from your team
  • Ambush — Attacks your front row units
    • 60% boost to Defense Penetration
  • Gust — Attacks all of your units at once
    • Decreases all buffs on your units for at least one turn
  • Shred — Inflicts Silence status on all your units
    • You cannot use any moves with cooldown

Such a strong enemy requires an even more powerful team composition than before:

  • Units that will be able to attack regardless of Brutal Pherus’ offensive posture, such as Lorine and Cerise
  • Characters that have multi-hit attacks, like Alexa
  • High recovery rate healers, such as Celestine 
  • Characters with strong passive abilities, such as Lena and Dizzy, who can counteract Brutal Pherus’ silence effect
Expedition Rewards

Once all three bosses are defeated, you will receive the following rewards:

  • Reforging Materials
  • Boss Points
  • Manifestation Stone
  • Gold
  • Extra rewards from the Expedition Depot

That’s all you need to know on how to beat all Expedition hunt bosses in Epic Seven.

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