EQNext Landmark Guide: Tier 2 And 3 Saw Tables

A listing of the new recipes from the tier 2 and 3 Saw Tables.

Due to the shear lack of recipes unique to the tier two and tier three Saw Tables, I’ve combined them into one listing. Between the two, there’s only one new Prop, three new Crafting Stations, and a new refined Wood.

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Tungsten Reinforced Saw Table:

This is the tier two Saw Table. For this Saw Table you get a new barrel prop and two new Crafting Stations.

Large Barrel:
  • 5 Tungsten Ingots 
  • 15 Plain Wood Planks
Tradesman’s Sifter:
  • 10 Tungsten
  • 50 Cotton
  • 100 Burled Wood Planks
Gold Trimmed Work Bench
  • 30 Elemental Gold
  • 30 Gold Ingots
  • 40 Tungsten Ingots
  • 30 Burled Wood Planks

Cobalt Reinforced Saw Table:

This is the tier three Saw Table. This Saw Table adds another Work Bench and Striped Wood Planks.

Rubicite Trimmed Work Bench:
  • 50 Elemental Rubicite
  • 50 Rubicite Ingots
  • 60 Cobalt Ingots
Striped Wood Plank:
  • 100 Striped Wood Logs
  • 50 Burled Wood Planks

This wraps up my listing of the tier two and three Saw Tables. For more guides, check out my EQNext Landmark directory.

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