Escape From Tarkov Weapon Rack: How to Use the Weapon Stand

Here's how to use the weapon stand in Escape From Tarkov and bypass the interaction prompt bug.

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The weapon stand (or weapon rack) is a hard-earned space-saver for your hideout that takes a lot of time to get. Here, I’ll tell you how to use the weapon stand in Escape From Tarkov and how to fix a bug that sometimes rears its head when interacting with it.

How to Get the Weapon Stand in Escape From Tarkov

The weapon stand is an addition to your hideout that can display your weapons in a neat and organized way. Essentially, it’s a blank 9×6 wall grid that you can interact with to store your stuff. While it’s a useful feature that helps you save lots of space, I dreaded the time I spent grinding it out. You’ll need various prerequisites to construct it:

  • x1 Hand Drill.
  • x1 Metal Cutting Scissors.
  • x5 Energy-saving Lamp.
  • x3 Xenomorph sealing foam.
  • x15 Bolts.
  • x5 Insulating tape.
  • x5 Pack of Nails.
  • Mechanic LL2.
  • Level three Illumination.
  • Level two Stash.

In addition, it takes 12 hours to construct. Tons of resources and effort go into constructing the weapon rack in Tarkov as Illumination (level three) and Stash (level two) are also a process. Furthermore, you’ll also need to reach Level 20 for a Level 2 Loyalty Mechanic. The weapon rack can be upgraded to store more stuff, but that’s what it takes to get it.

A Terragroup building in Escape from Tarkov.
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How to Use the Weapon Rack

Once the weapon rack is constructed, you can use it by walking up and interacting with it. Simply click and drag your weapons onto the weapon rack’s grid, and they’ll automatically be displayed. The grid size is limited, but you can upgrade the weapon stand to Level 2 and Level 3 for up to 13×7 grid space.

How to Fix Weapon Stand Bug in Escape From Tarkov: Interact Prompt Doesn’t Appear

If the interact option doesn’t appear when approaching the weapon rack, you’re encountering a notorious bug. I’ve encountered this problem myself along with numerous players on Reddit once the construction time was finished. There’s simply no prompt to open the stand’s inventory grid.

An easy fix I found to the weapon stand bug is to simply restart the game before interacting with the weapon rack. Restarting your game should cause the prompt to appear in your hideout.

That’s my guide on how to use the weapon stand in Escape From Tarkov. Hopefully, it helped you not only know how to use the weapon rack but how to also get around a pesky bug that may be hiding the interaction prompt from you — something you definitely don’t want after all that grinding. You can find more Tarkov guides here.

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