Two new dungeon delves arrive with the Clockwork City DLC, offering new achievements, bosses, and skyshards!

ESO Clockwork City DLC Guide: How to Beat New Bosses and Complete Dungeons

Two new dungeon delves arrive with the Clockwork City DLC, offering new achievements, bosses, and skyshards!

Your Elder Scrolls Online experience just got bigger with the addition of the Clockwork City expansion, adding in a new area and lots of extra goodies.

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Xbox One and PS4 players each get new, free Brassilisk pet to celebrate the DLC’s console release. Grab yours by searching Elder Scrolls Online in the online store for your console and downloading the free “Brassilisk” entry in the Add-Ons area.

In addition to that freebie, two brand new dungeon delves are available to explore ending with bosses to take on solo or with your crew: the Halls Of Regulation and the Shadow Cleft. The latter delve, in particular, should be completed as soon as possible, as it unlocks your third daily.

Looking to track down all six new skyshards in the Clockwork City DLC instead? Check out our full skyshards location guide here. Two of those shards are conveniently found in these new delves.

 Clockwork City Dungeon Locations

Halls Of Regulation Dungeon Delve

The entrance to this delve is found in the southeast section of the map at a large stone building in the outdoor section, and one of the six new Clockwork City skyshards is found inside.

Right outside the door to the delve you can get a quest to enter the Halls Of Regulation from Tilelle the Mender, tasking you with defending her while she fixes things inside the Halls.

 Getting a quest to enter the Halls

There isn’t a lot of strategy here, and the delve can be done solo fairly easily. The only thing to look out for are the spinning blades that pop out of the ground and must be avoided.

The skyshard is found on the southern end at a junction of three hallways, while the boss — The Steadfast Regulator — is at the far east side. Several lorebooks are scattered around along the way.

This delve’s boss is sort of embarrassing and will go down in just a handful of hits. It has some area effect attacks and can summon allies, but its doubtful any of that will last for any appreciable length of time.

 Fighting The Steadfast Regulator

The Steadfast Regulator has a chance to drop items from the Mad Tinkerer, Unfathomable Darkness, and Livewire sets. If you need items from those sets, just leave and come back, as the boss respawns when a player enters the Halls Of Regulation.

Beating the boss and clearing the delve nets The Halls of Regulation Explorer achievement/trophy.

 Halls Of Regulation dungeon delve layout

Shadow Cleft Dungeon Delve

The entrance to this delve is a portal found on the southwest side of the map (south from Sanctuary Wayshrine). The portal is just inside a short cave/tunnel near some large standing stone pillars.

Inside, you’ll find gloomy, shadowy versions of enemies leading to a skyshard on the eastern end of the map, which is found by following the river down the waterfall to a clearing.

 Shadow Cleft dungeon delve layout

The delve’s new boss — Night Sister Camira — is found at the far northwest end of the map. Again, this Clockwork DLC boss isn’t going to make you break a sweat or try out any fancy tactics. Just walk up and whack away a few times.

Night Sister Camira is perhaps even punier than the Halls Of Regulation boss, as some players with killer builds have reported one-shotting her. Yikes. Killing the boss and fully exploring the area awards The Shadow Cleft Explorer achievement.

Just like the other boss, Night Sister Camira resets when new players enter the delve and she can drop items from the Mad Tinkerer, Unfathomable Darkness, and Livewire sets.

 That health bar won’t stay full for long!

That’s all you need to know about the two new public dungeon delves in the Clockwork City DLC (special thanks to Youtubers Eirella and scrig for the screenshots). Did you get any great loot from the boss? Let us know!

Looking for help with the rest of the game? Be sure to heck out our complete list of Elder Scrolls Online guides here.

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