Ever Oasis Guide: How to Farm Healing Fruit

All of the best places to find the elusive Healing Fruit in Ever Oasis.

All of the best places to find the elusive Healing Fruit in Ever Oasis.
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Battling the Chaos in Ever Oasis is a tough business, and you’re going to need plenty of healing supplies to make it work. You can’t synthesize any recovery potions without a good helping of Healing Fruit, however, which seems to be in rather short supply.

Thankfully, there are plenty of ways to farm for Healing Fruit out in the great wide desert. Don’t risk the happiness of your party members on the next big fight just because you’re running low on uncannily rare recovery items. Take the time to stock up and prepare, just like you would for the shops in your Oasis.

How to Farm Healing Fruit in Ever Oasis

There’s actually a surprising number of ways to farm for Healing Fruit. If you simply spend a few in-game days rotating between farming methods, you’ll quickly have more recovery supplies than you know what to do with.

Explore Caves Around the Qarr Dunes

You’ll find a lot of Healing Fruits in early exploration, though they taper off quickly as you get further into the game. That’s because the caves around the Qarr Dunes area are chalk full of the things just hiding in pots and under sand piles.

If you’ve already completed the first dungeon, it should be child’s play to stomp through the caves around here. I’d recommend hitting as many of the larger caverns as you can before cutting yourself off around midnight or so to head back to the Oasis.

Green Gale the Spring at Night

After a productive day gathering around the Qarr Dunes, head back to the Oasis to catch the magics of the night. If you’ve ever walked by the Spring at night, you’ll have likely noticed that there are little sparkles that spawn from the water’s surface. If you unleash your Green Gale upon the sparkles, you have the chance to receive Healing Fruit, along with other things like Roseberries.

Ever Oasis How to Farm Healing Fruit Guide

Once the Spring is clear of its beautiful little sparkles, simply head to bed and repeat the cycle until you have recovery items spilling out of your pockets. If you wish to speed the process along, there are a couple other ways to passively stock up on Healing Fruits while farming.

Trade for Healing Fruit with a Merchant

Most (if not all) merchants are willing to trade you Healing Fruit for some of your own wares, like Cactus Pulp. If you just take the time to pick up some extra Cactus Pulp while in-between caves, you’re sure to increase your daily yield by a sizable amount.

Send a Gathering Expedition to Ostraka Ruins

Finally, once you unlock the option, send the desert folk out on Expeditions to the Ostraka Ruins for gathering materials. They’re bound to bring back a decent yield of Healing Fruit from there, and it’s also a good way to keep your desert folk happy. Just remember that Expeditions take an extra day than you might anticipate since they use the day you create the Expedition Party to prepare.

Now you have no excuses — you best prepare for those boss fights accordingly. Just remember to synthesize your Healing Fruits into Vulneraries to get more bang for your buck. If you’re looking for more Ever Oasis guides, look no further than GameSkinny!

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