Ever Oasis Beginner's Guide: Tips for Getting Started

Everything a new player needs to know to thrive in Ever Oasis.

A year after its announcement at E3 2016, Ever Oasis has finally arrived in the West. In this exciting new 3DS adventure, we get to grow and manage our own Oasis to serve as a safe haven from the dangers of the Chaos.

What better way to start off on the right foot than to make sure your Oasis is bustling from the start? With these tips under your belt, you'll be well on your way to creating the perfect paradise for all the desert folk to enjoy.

Collect All of the Things in Ever Oasis

You're going to need to restock your Seedlings shops a lot in Ever Oasis, which means you'll need a lot of supplies for them. Try to make a habit of picking up all the many Things that you can harvest.

You may stop by the Roseberry bush every morning to make sure you always have a nice stock for the Fruit Shop or go out of your way to cut up cacti so you'll always have Cactus Pulp on hand for the Juice Shop. Just be sure to make the time to gather everything you can while you're out adventuring.

Maintain Rainbow Protection or Risk Chaos Plants

Once your Oasis reaches level 3, you gain Rainbow Protection, which gives you a health boost that's directly proportionate to how happy your Residents are. If you don't maintain your Rainbow Protection, then you risk Chaos Plants growing, which makes Noots reluctant to visit your Oasis and buy your goods.

Keeping your residents happy is as simple as keeping their shops stocked and bustling. Make sure you check their supplies every day and restock wherever you can. If a shop happens to run out of stock, the shopkeeper will actually become unhappy, so it's best not to let this happen.

Ever Oasis Beginner's Guide Tips for Getting Started

Plant the Shops Residents Want

Each Resident has something that makes them feel fulfilled, and these are generally found in various shops. When deciding which Bloom Booth to plant next, always consider the needs of your Residents first. After all, a happy Oasis is a healthy Oasis.

Synthesize and Equip Better Gear Whenever Possible

Gear upgrades come swiftly in Ever Oasis, and whenever you have the materials, it's pertinent to always outfit yourself with better gear. As with any RPG, gear largely determines your ability to survive and deal damage in battle. Enemies gain in power rather rapidly and, rightfully, so should you. Remember to stay on top of it for both you and your party members.

Use the Best Weapon for Every Encounter

Every weapon in Ever Oasis is strong against certain types of monsters. When a weapon is strong against a monster, the damage numbers show up with a red, explosive frame. Experiment with different weapons against new monster types to suss out what they're all weak to.

Good luck defending your Oasis from the looming Chaos! Leave any stray questions you may have in the comments below! And be sure to check back with GameSkinny for more Ever Oasis guides coming your way.

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Published Jun. 26th 2017

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