Everspace 2 Best Ship Devices Guide and Full List

Choose the best ship devices in Everspace 2 to get the most out of these useful abilities and skills.

Choose the best ship devices in Everspace 2 to get the most out of these useful abilities and skills.

Everspace 2 ship devices are akin to active skills or abilities that you can use during battles. These come in two types: Support and Warfare. They can also be upgraded to provide better buffs, defensive abilities, or offensive power. This Everspace 2 guide outlines the best ones to keep you alive throughout the campaign. 

The Best Ship Devices in Everspace

These are what we consider the best overall ship devices in Everspace 2. We list the full effects of each ability down below and share some general tips worth keeping in mind as you play.

  • Teleporter (Scurry)
  • Front Shield Generator (All Day)
  • EMP Generator (Hard Reset)
  • Corrosion Injector (Mercy Kill)

Support ship devices include utility effects, while Warfare ship devices are mostly centered around damage-dealing effects.

There are several ship devices that you can obtain throughout the course of the campaign and while exploring. However, you can only equip up to four at any given time via the Ship menu.

These abilities can also be upgraded, which will usually improve some facets like cooldown or range. Once upgraded to their maximum level, ship devices have three additional modes (i.e., passive effects/perks), and you may select one.

You receive one upgrade point per level up (with the cap at Level 30). If you make a mistake or no longer like a particular armament, you can reset it by highlighting the device in question and pressing the “X” key. This will refund the upgrade points you’ve used — but you’ll need to spend Memory Recalibrators to do so.

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Complete List of Everspace 2 Ship Devices

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Here’s a complete list of all the ship devices in Everspace 2 so you can see their effects and make decisions on your build and needs based on them. 

Warfare Ship Devices

EMP Generator: Creates an EMP blast around your ship that disables all hostiles for a few seconds.

  • Short Circuit — Affected targets take a bit of damage per second.
  • Hard Reset — The cooldown is reduced for every target hit by the EMP shockwave.
  • Shield Surge — Restores a portion of your shields for each enemy that’s hit.

Corrosion Injector: Afflicts the target with corrosion to deal damage over time.

  • Searing Demise — Increases the damage by 80% but reduces the duration by 50%.
  • Mercy Kill — Resets the cooldown if the target is destroyed.
  • Caustic Trauma — Instantly deals the remaining damage if the target takes collision damage.

Magnetic Repulsor: Pushes the target toward a location, causing it to take increased collision damage temporarily; has three charges; the target must not exceed +2 of your current level.

  • Swing Together — Also affects nearby targets.
  • Serial Pusher — Adds an extra charge.
  • Energy Leak — Pushed targets drop energy orbs.

Annihilator Virus: Infects the main target with a virus that spreads to nearby hostiles (up to a maximum of six enemies). All affected ships will take armor and shield damage after six seconds.

  • Symptomatic — Targets deal 50% reduced damage.
  • Comorbidity — Deal 20% additional damage for each debuff on a target.
  • R-Naught — +2 maximum targets that can be affected.

Quantum Entangler: Any damage done to you will also be applied to the target with increased intensity for 18 seconds.

  • Symmetry — The target is also damaged by hull repairs.
  • Covariance — Reflected damage done to the target is increased by 50%.
  • Superposition — Ignore damage done armor and shields, but split hull damage 50/50 between the player and the target.
Support Ship Devices

Teleporter: Instantly teleports your ship forward; has four charges.

  • Scurry — 25% chance to refund a charge.
  • Parting Gift — Leaves a proximity mine behind.
  • Face Off — Face the opposite direction after teleporting.

Energized Boost: Instantly catapults the ship forward via a speed boost for five seconds.

  • Great Escape — Causes a movement impairing web in a radius.
  • Compressor — Doubles your speed boost but halves the duration.
  • High Pressure — Flying closely past enemies deals armor and shield damage, while also pushing them away.

Front Shield Generator: Projects an impenetrable shield in front of your ship.

  • Avenger — Reflects blocked shots back to your attackers.
  • All Day — Blocked damage is converted into weapon energy.
  • On Your Left — The shield radius is 25% smaller but will automatically turn toward the closest enemy that’s facing you.

Fusion Hook: Attaches to surfaces and pulls you toward the target location; has four charges.

  • Kunai — Targeting an enemy that’s closer than 5,000m will pull them toward you instead.
  • Arachnid — +1 additional charge.
  • Reach Extender — Increases the range by 30%.

Nano Transmitter: Repairs the ship hull for 40% of the damage dealt while active.

  • Carefree Package — Also repairs the armor and shield for half the amount.
  • Distribution — Repairs nearby allies.
  • Radionics — Ignores kinetic damage but repairs 100% of energy damage.

Temporal Nano Recompensator: Restores a percentage of armor damage taken in the last 16 seconds.

  • Diligence — Restores 100% of damage but over five seconds rather than immediately.
  • Resurgence — The repaired amount is increased on the missing armor percentage (up to 200%).
  • Foundation — Always repairs up to a minimum of 20% total armor.

Missile Defense System: Destroys all incoming missiles in a radius around your ship for 28 seconds.

  • Retention — Missiles have a 40% chance to be added as secondary ammo instead of being destroyed.
  • Sustenance — Every destroyed missile increases the effect’s duration by one second.
  • Minesweeper — Will also destroy mines.

Now that you know which Everspace 2 ship devices are the best and have a complete list of all of them in the game, you might want to take a look at our best ship weapons guide. These options will help you create a full loadout of complementary armaments that should make your vessel unstoppable.

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