Everspace 2 Crafting Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Crafting always changes, and this Everspace 2 crafting guide shows you the ins and outs of the system.

Crafting always changes, and this Everspace 2 crafting guide shows you the ins and outs of the system.

Everspace 2 crafting is an important part of the open-world space shooter’s gameplay. Though you can buy, find, take, or be rewarded weapons and modules, crafting items for the stat boosts means Uncommon tier (and higher) crafted items can end up with some pretty useful boosts.

These boosts scale as you craft higher tiers and include enhancements like increased damage against enemies of a higher level, less energy usage, reduced damage taken, and more. All perfect for upgrading your ship. 

This guide tells you everything you need to know about Everspace 2 crafting, even if the system is rather simplified in the game’s current Early Access build.

Everspace 2 Crafting Categories and Rarity Tiers 

As of version 0.4.16xx, crafting falls under three categories:

  • Primary weapons
  • Secondary weapons
  • Ship modules

All categories work in a four-tier rarity system of common, uncommon, rare, and superior following the color-code of gray, green, gold, and purple respectively.

How to Unlock Crafting

In order to unlock crafting, you’ll need to equip a cargo unit on your ship of choice either by finding or buying one from a trading outpost. From there, you need to dismantle weapons and modules that you get through exploration or combat, or as rewards.

Dismantling an item is as simple as hovering over it in your inventory screen and holding down the “X” key on your keyboard.

Each item you dismantle gives you a random assortment of crafting parts, as well as crafting experience, that you can use towards unlocking crafting blueprints. 

It’s worth noting that you’ll only get XP towards blueprints of the level of the item you dismantle, so no XP for rare blueprints from breaking down common items. You also can use the XP freely for blueprints of any of the three regardless of the items dismantled to get the points. 

The great part about crafting is that it’s essentially a looping system that sustains itself.

You gather items, dismantle them, and then craft new ones you want. If you don’t get what you want from your freshly crafted item, you can simply dismantle it and try again with slightly diminishing returns on crafting materials. 

With the game still being in Early Access, some of this information may be subject to change, so I’ll update it as more crafting options and items are added to the games.

I’m personally hoping that we can get the addition of consumable item crafting added into the game as well; I’ve had more than one death on account of being out of nano repair bots.

But that’s that on Everspace 2 crafting. Stay tuned for more on the open-world space shooter in the coming months as new things are added in Early Access, leading up to the game’s full launch. See you soon, space cowboy.

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