Need help looting secured containers in Everspace? This guide is here to help.

Everspace Guide: Access Keys and How to Use Them

Need help looting secured containers in Everspace? This guide is here to help.

Developed by ROCKFISH Games, Everspace is an action space shooter that utilizes roguelike elements and has some truly beautiful visuals. But the sum of its gameplay is “Shoot, craft, and loot your way to victory!”

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Some of that in-game loot (and pretty neat gear) is in secure containers that are not always easy to get into. Loot is randomly generated in Everspace, so it could be good or bad, but you can’t blast these boxes open. So preserve your energy, all you Han Solo pilots out there. These containers require an access key to open.

What Are Access Keys?

Before you feel sad about not being able to loot these indestructible boxes, there is hope. Access keys are lootable resources that allow you to open these boxes. 

Where Can You Get Access Keys?

Access keys can occasionally spawn in stacks of two as Bonus Equipment (as a Perk) before a run, or they can be purchased from Traders and Service Traders.

Access keys can also be found from downed Elite enemies, which now has a drop rate of 75%. As an added note, Elite fighters spawn less often on Easy mode and spawn more frequently on Hard mode. So if you want more access keys, you’ll want to hone your skills in order to survive Hard mode.

However, according to a forum post by Giraffasaur, if you use Mainframe Override on an Elite, “you can take them down without any form of retaliation.” Which is a nice alternative to using up all your energy to down an Elite.

Let’s Go Looting!

Did you catch all that? Find some Elite fighters and defeat them to receive access keys for secured containers. Sounds simple enough.

Now, you’re ready to travel the galaxy like a space pirate while looting everything!

How have you fared in looting Everspace‘s secured boxes? Did you survive being attacked by Elite fighters? Let us know in the comments below.

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